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By olpilot On 2013.07.17 01:31
I have, as do many I'm sure have very vivid dreams and night before.last was a doozy. I was laying there waiting for sleep, had taken my pills, and waited. Normally I can tell when a dream starts, the scenery usually changes, something is different, but not this time.

As I was lying there the dogs started to get restless, then fuss, then went a bit crazy. I though I heard noises coming from the basement garage shop area. in a very rural area, and a while back had a triple homicide within a couple miles. A crazy naked guy crossed a swamp, broke into a home and waited, killed a man, his wife and his brother. Beating them to death. The whole area was on pins and needles, really a rare incedent but it gets your mind going late at night. Anyway, as the dogs got crazy , I heard noises the wind came up. I started to panic and ever since the murders we keep a 22 rifle near the bed. I started to go fir the gun, I was fumbling with it and suddenly felt I was being held.down. I couldn't move!!! I tried to yell but nothing came out, I tried to scream, nothing. No change in scenery, still lying in my bed, dressed the same, I was being held down and nothing changed, it couldn't be a dream. I fought and struggled till I was exhausted, I couldn't fight anymore. As I started giving in I started to relax, I began calming down. Gradually I realized it was a dream, and I had a battle with sleep paralysis, doesn't happen often, in fact not for a couple of years. Everything settled down, I woke up and it was eerily quiet.

I started thinking about what had just happened, and it scared me even more. I have acted out my dreams before, not so much that my wife needed to sleep in another room, but enough that she has been in the way. Thank God it was sleep paralysis, what would have or could have happened with that gun? The fear of that is much stronger than a crazy naked guy breaking in, the gun is gone now.

I have argued with people before about guns and how some people just shouldn't have them, I proved my own point. The reality is though that Parkinson's takes so much from us, to the point that everything I do has to have that as a reality check. I do a lot yet, cabinetry,general woodworking. The hard part are the things I can't control. I the posts of caregivers and am both amazed and scared for my wife and myself. Thankfully we know that we all travel different roads but the overall destination is the same for everyone. I may not have the dementia, I may, I don't know we'll prepare for the worst, hope.for, but damned if I could find enough humor in this for a tv show.

By carman96 On 2013.07.17 23:26
That's a scary dream!

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.07.18 19:15
olpilot, Thank G-d you couldn't act out or move in the dream. Scary sh*t happens at times with this disease and medication. Like you I can't see enough humor to make a whole TV show never mind series. Oh I can see humor from time to time in some things I can get myself into, however it's taken years of practice of laughing instead or crying over it. (And that's just me). I hope the having fun with the disease doesn't translate into making fun of Patients and that Caregivers/partners don't start hearing about how much fun it must be living with Us and the crazy stuff we do. It ain't fun and most of the things that happen ain't funny. Take care my friend, and hang in there

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Wyatt Earp: Just to live a normal life.
Doc Holliday: There's no normal life, Wyatt, it's just life. Get on with it.

By parkinit On 2013.07.19 18:36
The dream becomes a horrible reality. Yes, my spouse has had dreams before, too. They dreams are not always nightmares, but often are. Sorry this happened, but maybe the end result (moving the gun) was a good outcome.

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