For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By seawench On 2013.07.27 12:08
What special little thing do you do for your PWP that's just for fun and not beause of this stupid disease, or turn a neccessary chore into something fun and special?

I now have to care for his finger and toe nails. So he gets a mani and pedi by me. And yes we paint his toenails. Only manly colors of course. Currently his toenails are 67 Mustang Green the same as his classic car, which is getting a makeover too. We will be able to get out and about in it in a couple of weeks. I think he will enjoy that even more.

I do put a clear coat on his fingernails. Today he wanted me to put a coat of my clear sparkley polish on one nail "Just to see", but I draw the line at Sparkles on my husband.


P.S. There is a story behind how/and why we painted the toe nails the first time. It's kind of long but suffice it to say it was before the DX and we desperately needed some comic relief - It did the trick.

By parkinit On 2013.07.27 18:37
Let's see...

1. We like to make ice cream runs about once every 2 weeks or so during the summer when he feels up to it.

2. We both enjoy playing cards, dominoes and a few board games together.

3. I try to keep up the lawn as he would have done it (he took great pride in the look of his lawn).

4. I arranged an outing with his grandkids and even though he was feeling poorly initially, he enjoyed it and said we must do it again!

By lilflower On 2013.07.27 20:41
My guy has a thing for Sonic hotdogs, so I could be sitting reading a book and I hear Sonic, Sonic in a low whisper so now it has become a good time to laugh when I hear that whisper begin Sonic Sonic. We used to play a lot of scrabble, then words with friends but this past year it isn't fun for him he gets frustrated. He has a shop and used to make hand crafted one of a kind knives but this past year he hasn't been able to even get to the shop. His hands and legs don't listen to his mind so right now the computer is his hobby and that makes him frustrated. A trip to see the grandkids is wonderful when it happens but for three days after we are both exhausted. Its a 4 hour drive pulling the wheelchair out of the truck 2 or three times before we get there. Then when we get there, then at the restaurant then back at the house then back at the hotel. I don't really want to tell you everything I had to drag into the hotel room to make the room comfortable But seeing the kids is great.

By seawench On 2013.07.27 23:01
I KNOW what you are talking about when it comes to traveling. I can't believe how much crap we have to haul. I found a rolling duffle bag that has a hard bottom, which is also a separate compartment at Costco. It will hold all of his "toiletries" and then there is all the computer equipment he has to have. I was unloading one Christmas and my mom asked me if I brought the kitchen sink. "No" I replied. "But I brought the toilet." We have a bidet that adapts to a regular toilet that he made me bring, it's a must have tool he uses for his bowel issues.


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