For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By parkinit On 2013.08.07 18:19
Just some news that we found out within the past few weeks. The VA is now providing "pull ups" versus the diapers they used to only provide for their veterans. We just received our first shipment and hubby said they are okay and we are canceling our auto shipment we were paying $75.00/month for through HDIS!!

By Freespirit On 2013.08.08 08:29
My PWP is a WWII vet; we checked into the "Aid in Attendance" through the VA, but we have too many assets to qualify. I'm wondering, does one have to meet a certain level income to qualify for the pull-ups as well?

By LotsaBob On 2013.08.08 16:50
Freespirit, I am receiving "aid in attendance" and my wife had a high paying job with the State of California. I don't understand why you did not receive it.

By parkinit On 2013.08.09 00:37
LotsaBob -

Is your PD service-related? That could be the difference. Service-related injuries may reap benefits that are regardless of income.

By parkinit On 2013.08.09 00:38
If not service-related, the pull-ups would probably be offered at a discounted rate based on income.

By seawench On 2013.08.09 01:00
We are in Washington State and our only health care for my hubby is VA - And our local clinic and regional Hospital is very very good. We do not see a Movement Disorder Neuro as we would have to travel to Seattle or Portland. My husband has MSA rather than typical PD and his Neuro is a wonderful woman/Dr who is really well versed in Movement disorders and wishes she had specialized. Also she really gets who he is and they have a "Thing" you just can't buy that kind of relationship with your Neuro. We also have a wonderful PCP. He tolds us we qualified for Aide and Assistance, but we would loose him, since we are getting the same thing A&A provides thru Medicare we chose to keep him.

So far the VA has given us just about everything we need including a scooter, a ramp, hospital bed and respite every other week. My Hubby is not service connected as far as we know or can prove but we qualify with copays due to our income level - The bar is higher than you would think.

We have been getting pullups (or Depends) for quite some time. I'm not sure but VA benefits may be different from state to state and/or clinic. Mostly because each institution is responsible for their budget, ad all of the things we have received have come from our local VA's budget.


By parkinit On 2013.08.09 11:45
seawench -

You probably hit the nail on the head by each state's offerings are controlled by their budgets in what they offer. I'm in OK and our home based primary care team (provided through the VA) said they just recently had the pull ups offered even though it is considered "nonformulary." We have the home-based primary care team provided by the VA, a home health organization that comes to give B12 shots once a month, we have A&A and do keep our normal PCP as well. The VA cannot force you to go all with them.

I found also when it is time for hospice that some organizations will try to tell you that you no longer get to use your PCP. I have found this is not so - just ask the organization if you can if this is one thing you would like. If they so no, look elsewhere.

We too, have received from the VA a power scooter, a lift (to get it into the truck), a hospital bed with a geo mattress, a hoyer lift, and 90% of our meds all at no cost. They have been most helpful! I thought this was because he was rated 100% disabled service-connected as we used to have to pay for meds, but maybe they provide other items at low or no cost. It is definitely worth checking into.

By seawench On 2013.08.09 14:35
In an earlier life I was an insurance biller and was familiar with Coordinating Benefits. When he was able to access his SS benefits I was able to determine that the VA benefits (Medical) and the Medicare/caid (?) benefits do not coordinate nor do they care what the other one does. Therefore we pick and choose who does what.

All of our Dr. Visits are to the VA as I mentioned we have a great team that is very invested in him. We go once a year to the Private Dr who approves the SS stuff. He basically called the Home healthcare folks and told them to give me anything I asked for that is covered. He may think he understands, MSA/PD but from our conversation, I knew he didn't. That being said it was obvious to him that we are in the late stages and we had an established Specialist, he just wrote me a blank check. And truthfully that's all we need him for.

As for the VA benefits, there is a sliding scale of what you do or do not have to pay for that is affected by service connected or not and financial status. We pay co-pays on our meds and the Ambulance trips (unless the Dr. can justifiably order it). We are under the umbrella of the VA because of finances so if we win the Lotto we will have to get another medical team - rats!

It's a patchwork but thankfully we have had all our needs provided for and we are so very very grateful


By Freespirit On 2013.08.09 15:41

It had to do with assets such as savings and a deferred comp plan. From what I understood, they did not count your home, or vehicles, but savings and retirement were counted. If this went over a certain amount (I can't remember exactly how much now) then you couldn't qualify.

By dadsgirl On 2013.08.09 15:50
I am just today taking over helping my dad file/finish filing a claim. We were told he would not qualify for Aid & Attendance due to assets/income but could qualify for Disability Compensation due to Agent Orange exposure.

There is a Fast Track process but it is being SHUT DOWN 8/20/2013.

My mother did her best and he's had two visits with the VA but cannot seem to navigate the (seems to be purposely) convoluted process.

Anyone have any tips?

He has had two VA exams and all his medical files plus the form saying he is 100% disabled by his private neuro.

By LotsaBob On 2013.08.09 18:10
Yes, my PD, IHD, DM II and PTSD are all service connected from my three tours in Vietnam.

By parkinit On 2013.08.11 07:44
If the agent orange (100% disability, service-connect) is approved, you will get A&A regardless of income. We did. You will get pretty much everything regardless of income.

By LotsaBob On 2013.08.11 23:33
dadsgirl, have your mom and dad get a good VSO (veterans service officer). You should be able to locate one in your county or a large city in your state. They would be listed under the VFW (veterans of foreign wars) and American Legion

By dadsgirl On 2013.08.13 16:35
I finally spoke to a very good VSO officer who verified I have the correct documents and to come to his office anytime this week and he will finish it all up and all we have to do is have it signed and mailed.

Crossing my fingers the wait will not be too long.

By LotsaBob On 2013.08.14 13:39
dadsgirl, depending on what state you are in, it can very time wise. My claim took three years but I have seen them take only a few months depending on what your claim is for.

It would be a good idea if you got a durable power of attorney too. Have your VSO make a copy of it and have him put it in your father's file

By dadsgirl On 2013.08.14 14:31
I think I have DPA - I'll bring a copy. We're in a state with a HUGE veterans population so I suspect we're in for quite a wait.

By LotsaBob On 2013.08.14 16:55
dadsgirl, I hope it is not in California, It can take forever. Mine was processed in Oakland, Ca. One of the worst regional offices in the country. They even found my file in a cleaning closet. It was determined that it had been there for about six months.

By dadsgirl On 2013.08.16 16:44
Not CA, but Virginia.

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