For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By karolinakitty On 2013.08.08 12:23
Just wanted to give a quick update on what's new with my health...

Doc is still keeping Parkinson's as a diagnosis until proved otherwise....

I went to MUSC for a neuro visit and was totally disgusted with this one doc....long story, and she is only one doc...but even my PCP wanted to wring her neck for what she said.... PCP, knowing Parkinson's personally decided to do a series of tests...I got an MRI and lots of blood work....

Turns out I do have a severely underactive case y'all never read up on it.. it seems that when the thyroid is underactive for a very long can show PD symptoms...

She started me on meds and wanted me to NOT take the Sinemet if the sinemet actually slows the TSH process...soooo I did but didn't make it past the 3rd day back on the sinemet and talked to her yesterday again via phone and she says we'll see what happens when I get my numbers down...yes down with thyroid...and see if I can stay off sinemet then it's just thyroid...if not...then PD

As most of you knows it's a process of elimination...but still going strong :)

By chroop67 On 2013.08.08 12:35
Karolina, please read Wheat Belly.

By lurkingforacure On 2013.08.08 16:14
Also KK you may be interested to read "The Thyroid Solution" by Dr. Arem he is in Houston and the book is fascinating. I wonder if a lot of PD masks what is really a thyroid issue, which is related to adrenal burnout (there;s that stress again), and it would not be unusual with the stress of caring for a loved one with PD.

Spoiler alert: Dr. Arem says thyroid issues are not fixed overnight, sometimes it can take months or even years to undo the damage....but the good news is, it can be reversed:)

By karolinakitty On 2013.08.08 19:39
Thanx chroop and lurking!!!!

I knows soooooo many pDers with thyroid issues and like I said both sinemet and the agonists will slow the process of TSH sooooo I know several whose levels are down to normal but still taking both sinemet and there a connection... I would say yes.....and I agree with you lurking on the stress factor..... :)

By Jenztrenz On 2013.08.16 22:41
This is quite interesting.... My mom who has had thyroid disease for a very long time has been diagnosed with Parkinsons for a year....

Now it has got me thinking because i have thyroid disease too....

By dkleinert On 2013.09.15 21:01
Karolinakitty - have our tried Iodoral? IodinePlus? There is a website where you can do a REAL thyroid test. It is a 24 hour urine test. Check it out - there is really something to it. Also, do read Wheat Belly. It has a world of info about what you are experiencing!! You can buy Iodorol (12.5mg) online and in some (my) chiropractor's office. It is the type of iodine that your body can assimilate unlike the type that is prescribed by physicians. Read about it online. Good are great at researching topics - check on these also.

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