For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Jenztrenz On 2013.08.12 13:58
Has anyone tried accupuncture for PD?

By VioletV On 2013.08.12 23:19
Hi Jenz
my husband gets regular acupuncture, and has for about 10 months. Because acupuncture focuses on gradual rebalancing it's hard to say what specifically has changed, but we both feel that it is useful for him. One thing, which may not have been PD, but which was a real issue last summer was severe edema in his legs--to the point that I was afraid his skin would split. After only 3 weeks of acupuncture along with the Chinese herbs presecribed the edema was just totally gone. And even in the hottest weather this year he just hasn't had it.
Of course your mileage may differ.

By parkinit On 2013.08.15 08:40
We have tried acupuncture. My husband seemed to do better after the visits, however, because he is so advanced, it was difficult for us to make appointments (he would feel bad and have me cancel the appointment a few hours before and I refused to continue to do this to the acupuncturist, so we quit going.

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