For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By chroop67 On 2013.08.14 11:59
Got a call from the nursing home today where mom has been for almost 3 years. They are concerned about her mental health she has been declining for the past few weeks and they have ruled out infections and medications. She is becoming a danger to herself and two other residents as mom always had a caring heart and now I tries to feed residents who may choke on the food she's feeding them and wanders in the middle of the night in to residents room and she scares them and there could be a physical altercation. I am so saddened by this news as I've tried to make sure that mom has had quality of life but this disease does not provide quality of life it destroys lives. I will wait and see what the geriatric psychiatrist says and we will go from there. My fear is that she may have to be moved to different care facility and that upsets me because the care she's received at the facility she is in has been amazing and its close to my home so I can visit often. At this point immobility would be a blessing because she could stay where she is.....

By dadsgirl On 2013.08.14 14:36
I'm so sorry. Does that nursing home not have a memory unit?

By chroop67 On 2013.08.14 16:12
I am not sure what a memory unit is but they do have a psych team and a unit at another facility, for short term stays, that they utilize to help diagnose and hopefully resolve some issues.
I just spent the morning with her and she was very upset and exhibited aggression/frustration. I left her for a few minutes then went back and after about 45 minutes I was able to calm her and massaged her legs until she fell asleep. She is very sad and unhappy.

By dadsgirl On 2013.08.16 16:39
She may just need her meds adjusted. Has she been seen by her neuro recently? Does she take Mirapex? This gave my PWP terrible hallucinations and delusions. He was switched to Stalevo with much better results.

I also read that Clozaril and Seroquel are now used in end stage PD with dementia or other psychiatric issues in PD. (Seroquel being the easier of the two because Clozaril requires regular blood tests.)

Where I live there are several senior care facilities that have a special memory care unit for Alzheimer's, Dementia etc type patients. Locally there is one in the assisted living place and there is one that is solely a memory care center.

I hope things get better soon.

By chroop67 On 2013.08.26 22:51
Mom will be seen by psychiatrist tomorrow to determine if a "tune up' of her meds is needed. This will require a temporary transfer to an inpatient geriatric psych unit where they can monitor her reaction to med changes. Her delusions and hallucinations are off the wall. I am hoping for the best. She had a pre interview with the psych nurse and she feels strongly that this should happen. The care home tends to up her seroquel when she declines mentally and both the nurse and I agree that this is prob contributing to her problems.

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