For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By 839EL On 2013.08.18 09:53
I'm new to this forum and am very grateful for all the advice.
My husband developed PD immediately after mitral valve repair surgery five years ago.  Lately he has been experiencing chest tightness.  He had a heart catherization and all was okay with his heart and vessels so that ruled out heart problem as a reason for tightness.
Could the tightness be caused by PD? It occurs when he walks or exerts himself .  He also has lower back pain which goes away when he sits down.

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.08.19 08:34
839EL, Hello and welcome to the forum, glad you found us. Chest tightness could be the P.D. but glad you had the heart tests done already. You said it happens when He's walking or exerting himself? Does it lessen after He's taken His medicine? I would think if PD related it is happening all the time but he's just noticing it at that time. So, have him pay more attention to how the tightness responds after about 45 minutes to an hour after taking his P.D. med's, if his chest loosens a little then it's P.D. related and seeing his Neurologist to run it by them the med's might need to be tweaked a little. The lower back sounds like something with his posture may be causing the pain, (twisted or bent causing muscles or ligaments to compress on the nerves?) Which could also be P.D. or not. When he sits it changes posture and relieves the pressure.

As Parkinson's progresses it effects our autonomic nervous system (the one that just does stuff without thinking about them like blood pressure, breathing, sight etc, etc.) Again try to see if the tightness was just un-noticed resting and responds to Med's when dose is taken bring the info to His Neurologist to discuss with them (always run problems like this by your doctor) Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By McCall On 2013.08.19 11:14
My husband has chest tightness and soreness in the center of his chest, trouble swallowing and a cough that seems to be from the same place as the tightness. He has had a swallow study which found nothing, and we believe it is in fact PD related. He also has trouble taking a deep breath.

By 839EL On 2013.08.19 19:50
Thank you both for your responses.

Yes, he said he could feel the tightness sitting down and taking a deep breath. Will have to help him figure out if the Sinemet has any effect after 45 mins or so. Good advice.

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