For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Shaky worm On 2013.08.20 22:02
I'm sure there have been openings like this. I feel this format will help.
I (58 female) have been diagnosed with PD by a neurologist - he had me see a movement disorder specialist-Parkinson's specialist (who by the way is leaving my insurance carrier. He confirmed as well. He referred me to specialist that "out of network" for my insurance.
An insurance nightmare, a scary diagnosis, natural treatments or synthetic?
Do you do nothing for a while or not take the chane? Synthetic or natural dopamine?
I am a very active person, I am a nurse (sometimes knowledge is not so good), love my husband who recently retired, we have plans, and a loving, adoring active mother and do you handle seeing an end to this......I'm the strength in the family this is so hard on my adoring husband and my kids didn't expect this for mom......this is tough....send me your thoughts and knowledge from your experiences

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.08.21 00:09
Hi and welcome to the forum! Quite an interesting screen name you have there. First take a breath and remember it takes time to come to grips with the diagnosis. I had a good friend who was a nurse, when she was diagnosed she too brought all her medical knowledge to the situation and in her case the doctors were demigods it was blasphemy to go against them. She discovered that they were just human and sometimes what you are taught in a book or think you know isn't quite so. But I if you've read any of the past posts here you may know a little about me I'm a patient (typing comes hard sometimes) so I won't go into that more now .......(others reading this are probably saying thank goodness at that). As I said You're still reeling from the diagnosis so I won't get into much. You mentioned synthetic vs. natural dopamine? Natural you can't really regulate the dosage like synthetic but that's for later on. Again welcome to the forum you've found a great place filled with great people who will help in any way we can

By olpilot On 2013.08.21 01:32
I know how frightening the diagnosis is, mine was a couple of years ago. We planned to live on a boat in the Caribbean, we had the boat, and then this. Life took a turn we hadn't planned on, but we changed ours. Nothing has really ended, a big course correction, but my wife and I are love, I'm not the same as I.once was, I am the person just move slower, talk softer, and see things from a different vantage point. Our life is still good, the important things ard still important, some of what we once thought of as important ewe.found out are not. Change is what life is. John Lennon still said it best ,"life is what happens while making plans".

By moonswife On 2013.08.26 19:31
Welcome Shaky Worm. You will find that this forum will teach you gobs on information. I have medical training too, and each time I log on to see what questions I have, have been asked and answered before, I am amazed. Two really well versed, good researching and great advice givers are Olpilot and Lohnegrin. They can teach the professional a thing or two hundred. We all pray for each other, as we are all fighting this battle together, online. Justine

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