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By barb On 2013.08.21 07:01
Does anyone have any experience with a Lugie scooter. It is very lightweight and folds. We are going on a long cruise and need a scooter that we can use use on tours or I'll be pushing the wheelchair.

By carman96 On 2013.08.21 15:46
We have one that's called a bobcat. I had no idea which brand to get but I must say it works well. I would definitely want one on a cruise. Medicare will only pay for a scooter or a power chair. Since the power chair is so much more expensive we paid for the scooter ourselves. He doesn't need the chair yet but the scooters are about $700.00.

By McCall On 2013.08.22 18:10
I don't know anything about that brand, I have a Zippr travel scooter that I use for travel and cruises. I got it from Craig's list for about $350.
I also have a Pace full size 3 wheel scooter and I have taken that one on flights and cruises as well.
Be sure you get a Handicapped cabin which ever route you go. Also be aware that VERY FEW accessible friendly ports or tours.

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