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By phoenix On 2013.08.30 22:59
Today is the 33rd anniversary of the day I married my best friend. So sad that most of the time he doesn't know me or know that he is married. Didn't tell him what day it was because it would probably trigger another argument about who I am. Hate this disease, it robs us of so much. Thanks for listening.

By jcoff012 On 2013.08.30 23:17
I wish you peace today and tonight. Thirty three years and still together is an accomplishment. Hugs and love to you, Jane

By parkinit On 2013.09.02 16:04
Phoenix. You know in your heart and you can do a mini-celebration.

My spouse didn't remember my birthday until later in the afternoon the day of it after I had received several calls, etc. He hadn't purchased a card, bought a gift, etc. He didn't acknowledge it in any way.

I bought myself a gift later and said, "This is from you. Thank you!" I got what I wanted and it let him off the hook. I know you aren't in the situation to share with your spouse, but I guess my message is, YOU can do something nice for yourself (and maybe even him?) in memory of the special day.

Hugs to you. Hang in there.

By Mary556 On 2013.09.02 20:46
Peace be with you, phoenix.
Your husband is very blessed to have you as his best friend.
Prayers for you both.

By Freespirit On 2013.09.04 10:33
God Bless you, Phoenix.

Yes, this disease robs us of so much, but not the love we feel in spite of it. As it has already been said, your dear husband is so blessed to have a friend like you.

By phoenix On 2013.09.05 00:11
Thanks for the kind words and understanding. Just have to adjust to a different reality, I guess.

By carman96 On 2013.09.05 00:36
My heart goes out to you. My husband at least does still know who I am. He spent most of our 28th anniversary last month napping.
Peace and hugs

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