For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Jenztrenz On 2013.09.13 20:56
Iʻm looking for shoes that would be best for my mom with PD. She has the curling effect on one of her foot. Any suggestions? Also for clothing...


By Mary556 On 2013.09.16 00:06
Jenztrenz, I've been wondering myself what might be better clothing choices for my PwP Mom and was just about to ask a similar question.

My mother does not have foot curling, so I'm not sure what shoes might be best for that. My Mom has been wearing regular slip-on "grasshoppers" with a velcro strap closure and is able to get those on and off without help. "Cord stops" have worked well to adapt her shoes with laces... her hands are not strong enough to re-tie shoelaces and they were always coming undone. To prevent falls during the night, we've recently given her hospital slipper-socks, tube socks with grippers that give good traction.

Elastic-waist pants in her exact size are working out best. (She is not able to manuever that drawstring in the one-size-fits-all version.)

For blouses, maybe this differs from person to person... My Mom is not able to wear pullover tops or T-shirts any more because her arms are too stiff to ease them over her head. Button-down camp shirts work well for her, as long as the buttons are standard size and not too small. My mother does not have tremor, but her hands are weaker now; it takes much longer, but she is still able to fasten her own buttons. (I've seen a "threader" device to help with that, but we do not have one yet.) Campshirts with elbow-length sleeves that are roomy enough to push out of the way for a blood pressure cuff seem to be the best choice for my PWP.

If your Mom is like mine, she might often feel a chill, even in the summer. So it is good to have extra outer layers she can put on and take off easily. My mother wears her neutral-color summer jacket very often; she has not been carrying a purse lately so the good-size pockets are very helpful. (Around the house, we find that lightweight flannel pajama tops are good for layering.)

It takes my Mom much longer to get dressed any more, but is so important for her to be able to do for herself as much as she can. I am nearby in case she really gets stuck and needs to ask for my help, but want to let her be independent as much as possible. I'm hoping to find more ideas for clothes that may be easier for her.

Best wishes for your Mom. God bless you both.

By LOHENGR1N On 2013.09.16 19:12
Well since no one else has answered this so far, shoes the more important thing to consider is they are not too slippery or too much "grip" or they don't slide but they don't catch and grab while walking. You know if they are super not slippery if We shuffle walking they tend to grab, stop and we stumble. You might try high tops for the foot curl however this pronating is a form of dystonia and comes with PD for some of us and a stiff support or brace will only cause pain and could result in damage to the muscles in our lower leg, foot and ankle leading to more problems. Along with Velcro straps for shoes they sell elastic shoe laces that will stretch to slide your foot in.

For tops or blouses when buttons becomes hard many buy round Velcro patches? Not sure what they're called but they make them for this purpose. You remove the button and sew it to the overlapping part then under the button fasten one half of the Velcro piece fasten the other half to the under part then when dressing instead of buttoning you just press and it keeps the blouse "buttoned" quick, easy and hidden. Hope this helps some and others post more helpful hints for everyone. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By Jenztrenz On 2013.09.17 13:05
Are there any specific brands you prefer or are there any stores specifically for PD patients.

Thankyou for your responses!

By Grammy7 On 2013.09.18 00:22
Check out Buck and Buck online. You can request a catalog. They have clothes with Velcro and items to make dressing easier. I never ordered from them but they do have a lot of items.

By Mary556 On 2013.09.18 13:24
just found velcro fasteners Lohengr1n spoke about... here is a link:

Grammy, thanks much for giving us that lead. How sweet you are to do this now when time is so precious. God bless you and your husband.

By Jenztrenz On 2013.09.19 19:32
Thankyou for all the replies!!!! (:

By Mary556 On 2013.11.02 08:43
just happened upon this nice, FREE pattern for a hospital gown:

the openings look manageable for my PWP. she has been having some struggles with pajamas when she gets up to use facilities during the night.

continuing prayers for all PWP's and caregivers

By VioletV On 2013.11.02 22:54
As for shoes, my husband had terrible trouble with his feet--some due to PD and others due to just foot problems--serious bunions etc. We went to a pedorthist -- a specialist in fitting difficult feet--in a local shoe store,and it made a world of difference. He now has shoes that fit, and that respond to his individual needs.

I'd never heard of a pedorthist until a couple of years ago, but found one close to us. There is a website. You should be able to see if there is someone close to you.

By carman96 On 2013.11.03 10:49
Violet, thanks for the suggestion. I went to the site but couldn't get any results. Guess I will have to look farther afield.
My husband also has foot problems due to an old injury and two surgeries. His podiatrist had some orthotics made but we still have the shoe problem. Also he cannot put his shoes on by himself so we need shoes that are easy to put on.

By Lynnie2 On 2013.11.11 07:32
My husband has the curling toes or hammer toes, plus orthotics and he buys Sass shoes. They are very expensive but he also has a very wide feet and Sass has the wide shoes.
There is a plastic thing that goes in between the toes that you can get from the foot clinic that helps the hammer toes. You don't wear it in the shoes, but put it on for a while to help straighten the toes.

By parkinit On 2013.11.15 21:37
I do want to add for those who have edema and are basically housebound (like my spouse), Foamtreads are excellent shoes for those who have swelling of the ankles/feet. These can be purchased through

By degraham On 2013.11.15 23:48
My husband just got some New Balance velcro tennies and says they feel great on his feet, which are prone to swelling. We found them at The Shoe Mart, which offers free shipping, too.

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