For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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Topic Owning a home when sooner or later assisted living will be needed Go to previous topic Go to next topic Go to higher level

By jcs On 2013.10.01 22:56
My father who is 84 and has had parkinsons for the last 10 years is starting to show signs of dementia, his cognitive thinking is decreasing, increased dyskenesia, and his health is declining due to this horrible desease. He owns a 4 family home in which he obtains rent from two of the apts. My question is that I'm afraid that soon he will need assisted living and I am worried that they will take away his home since the amount of rent that he receives stops him from obtaining Medicaid. This will leave my elderly mother without her home. Of course she would live with me, but I keep hearing that assisted homes will take everything they have. Is this a common horror experienced not just because of parkinson's but any severe illness?

By jcoff012 On 2013.10.02 09:25
Where do you live? I worked as an Activity Director in an assisted living in California and not once did they ever take a person's home or any personal property. I do believe that to qualify for Medicaid there is a limit on personal property, but I would suggest that you contact your local Council on Aging for advice. We had many residents who kept their homes for years. Please don't take mine or anyone's advice without contacting either your Council or an attorney before signing any paperwork...and never sign over assets to any assisted living.

By lurkingforacure On 2013.10.02 11:52
I would get to an elder care attorney fast, someone who knows the rules and deadlines. There are huge obstacles to getting Medicaid....I have heard some people divorce so that the healthy spouse doesn't lose everything when the ill spouse gets gov.t help.

There are some gifting programs, etc. you can do but again, the timeframe is key and it's long, something like 3-5 years, I am not sure but if this is a concern at all for you and your parents would never divorce to keep what they have saved up from going to the gov't, then I would go see a reputable and qualified elder lawyer pronto.

When I priced asst. living places for my mom, they were 5K a month.....for a decent one, not top of the line.

One option is getting help to come to the home, which has a lot of benefits: less stress for the ill spouse, less expensive, healthy spouse can keep tabs on things and make sure the necessary care is being given (hard to make sure of that in even the best of places)...there are downsides too but you'd just have to weigh the factors and decide which is best for your individual situation. Go

By carman96 On 2013.10.02 21:02
My in laws signed their house over to their 6 children. That was their only asset so they were able to get Medicaid to pay for a portion of their in home care. The rest they paid for with a line of equity that was in their children's name, since they owned the house. they both were able to stay in their house until their deaths.
It cost a bundle of money for the attorneys fees though. Try to find a good eldercare attorney to find out your options.

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