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By Trusting On 2013.10.11 19:55
I'm just wondering if anyone else has a problem with shaving. My husband's with Parkinson's face turns red and burns really bad after he shaves. We keep the razors sharp, have used electric razors, use sensitive skin shaving creams but so far haven't found a solution. He is having a lot of problems with the white flakes on his face and ears since PD.

Can anyone offer me advice so that he won't dread to shave? Thanks to you all.

By blue2 On 2013.10.12 13:07
We found the rash and flaking responded well to a simple over-the-counter hydrocortisone ointment.

By parkinit On 2013.10.13 22:53
I use a lotion on the flaky skin. Only have trouble with shaving on his upper lip. The rest of his face is okay.

By Trusting On 2013.10.24 21:53
I'm just getting back to the forum. Thanks for the replies. I'll try the hydrocortisone cream. We do lotions but they don't help much. I was trying to find something to make the actual shaving easier so he wouldn't get such a rash. Appreciate everyone.

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