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By oshroshr On 2013.10.14 00:31
Does anyone know how long the eval is for DBS?
We have been on it for almost a year at Ut Southwestern. Tx.
Making us anxious. Is this normal?
Many tests and Pd keeps getting worse.

By Threadhead On 2013.10.14 13:28
I saw both your posts and I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. My husband's first DBS was in 2000 so the protocols have changed a bit since then. The Movement Disorder Center was just evolving, so he had to see a neurologist first who did a thorough neuro and cognitive assessment, and then as standard procedure told him he didn't need the surgery unless he was absolutely sure he wanted it. Then he met with the neurosurgeon. Prior to these visits he had to take Sinemet to make sure he was dopamine reactive. So the evaluation was a month long. He had very strong tremor on one side. In later surgeries, they did the brain implant (the electrode placement) as an inpatient procedure, just overnight. Then he went back for day surgery to place the generator in his chest wall, and for programming. After surgery, he didn't need any support. The sutures were removed after two weeks, and we went back only to refine the programming.
You can go to the Medtronic website and read the criteria. You don't say how old your husband is, but if his meds aren't working, you may be right in suspecting that they waited too long, or maybe he just wasn't a good candidate from the outset. I wish I had more to tell you, each person is so different.

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