For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Therese On 2013.10.16 06:45
My husband has been in rehab for two months and will be coming home soon. We are also in the process of moving into a new home that we have been working on for almost a year to make it handicap accessible. We have desperately needed to get a new bed, but have been waiting until we move - and that time is now. I now need to get the new bed for him/us before he comes home. Before he was hospitalized and sent to rehab we had a regular bed with a slip-under-the-mattress grab bar. It was adequate then, but I know he will need more than this when he comes home. I have read on the forum that some people have bought adjustable beds. I have put a deposit on a split king adjustable, but I am very concerned that I don't make a very costly mistake here. My main question is: has anyone been able to successfully add any type of grab bars or rails to an adjustable bed? It will essentially be for a twin size adjustable bed. I'm just not sure if the adjustable bed would be adequate and a good investment, or would I simply be better off getting him a hospital bed. I need to decide this soon, as I was told yesterday that he may be discharged this weekend. I urgently need any advice. Thanks

By Threadhead On 2013.10.16 08:53

By McCall On 2013.10.16 12:35
While we have not yet needed one, I did search Craig's list and found many good hospital beds available very reasonable. I suggest you get one now, then decide if that is what you need now or if you can do another option for a while and later use the Hospital bed but at least you have it for when he comes home.

By carman96 On 2013.10.16 13:32
I think that you can rent a hospital bed. That way you can see if it will work. Someone gave us one and it did not work for my husband. He just needs a double bed because he ends up sideways on the bed. And the adjustable part just did not help to get him up. He was sleeping in another room but it was too far away to for me to help at night. I considered a king size adjustable but am glad I didn't spend the big bucks.
How I solved our problem was I got twin for me and double for him and pushed them together. That way we each have our own blankets but I am still close to him. His blankets are always in a jumble so it works for me to have my own blankets.
Then we put one of those poles next to his bed that he can grab on to. His side of the bed is just a few feet from the bathroom door and we have a grab bar he can grab when he gets up, then grab bars in the bathroom.
You can also get trapeze type things that hang from the ceiling. the trapeze thing doesn't work for my guy. We had rented one when we went on vacation and I'm glad I didn't buy one or buy the expensive adjustable bed.
Hope you find what works for you without too much trial and error.
It seems we have to try whatever we think will work until we find something that does.

By trapper On 2013.10.18 13:57
My wife has had Parkinsons for over 10 years ( she is 74 next month) and she has been using a hospital bed which is supplied by the Manitoba Home-Care program here in Canada.

This has been working but we probably will soon have to have one of those ceiling poles installed as well.

Take care.

By parkinit On 2013.10.18 17:25
We had a split King, but found that a hospital bed (which we now have and if medicare eligible, should not have to pay for) was better as it raised and lowered the entire bed (best for the caregiver) as well as the head and feet (similiar to the other bed). Also, if it is a Sleep Number bed, they have a piece that goes through the mattress and the frame, so it would be difficult to slip a grab bar between these. We have a side swivel bar (can get online at for around $135) that works better than the grab bars that slip between the mattress and box springs, etc. we've used those in the past as well and they served us for awhile until we graduated to the swivel bar.

Here is a link to the Wal-Mart one:

By seawench On 2013.10.19 22:47
We opted for the hospital bed which I love because I can lower it to get him into bed much more easily. We also purchased a trundle bed so I can sleep next to him and still have room for all the equipment we are starting to acquire. you can see it on my blog


By Betsey Clarke On 2013.10.20 15:30
Hi, I think a hospital bed would be the best idea. When my husband came home from rehab (from his second hip break) I was given a hospital bed from Medicare. But it was taken away just before he came home, because Medicare learned that he had VA benefits. (sigh).. Then the VA stepped up and delivered a better hospital bed in a few days. It was a relief. I ended up really using it LOTS, especially the rails so they can turn themselves... and of course moving their head up so they can swallow easier. And, like seawench said raising and lowering it is wonderful. I moved our queen bed into storage, and brought down a twin kids' bed for myself from our upstairs.

By Freespirit On 2013.11.04 10:01
I just put a call into our neurologist's office to ask them for recommendations of a good bed for PD patients. The receptionist said they deal with this all of the time, so I'll let you know what I find out.

My husband was recently in the hospital for another issue, and the doc ordered a trapeze with the triangle for him while in the hospital. I can't tell you how helpful this was for my husband in getting up and down, arranging himself, etc

I'm hoping to have this at home as well.

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