For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2013.10.28 18:42
Thank you all for the emails of concern, since I wasn't able to post for whatever reason, some of you kind souls contacted me through email...there was really nothing wrong on this long trip to Maui...I just found that my IP was blocked and/or my service provider at the hotels wouldn't allow was odd...I wasn't even able to SEE the forum...oh, well...

As for the went well for the most part. We really only had a few stressful days==and only PART of the day==...One, we met two friends and showed them around Maui for 6 hours...made Carl a bit nervous, but I think he knew how important it was for me to see my friends of 17 years. 2-He accused me of "making fun" of him late one afternoon, so I left him alone and went into the pool...when I came out, I walked up to him and said, "Listen, Mister, I have never in 48 years 'made fun of you' and I wasn't then, either...PD made you THINK I did, but I didn't, so get over it!"...We went out to dinner an hour later and it was great. Talking things out helps and standing up for oneself doesn't hurt either!

The one thing I noticed was his lack of sleep...he dozed a great deal, so I went in the ocean or the pools and let him rest. Also, he didn't smile as much as he usually does there...and, he didn't want to buy anything...he usually wants to buy everything! He seemed content to rest, swim (He mostly stood in waist deep water), and eat was relaxing, but in some ways very odd..We did eat out a great deal and he had tons of seafood, so in that way, he was in Heaven (I hate the smell of fish, so he had a blast trying out every delicacy!)

As for the PD...he became agitated in traffic, which increased the tremors; he had trouble swallowing a lava flow, so he opted not to drink alcohol this trip; he craved sweets (we rarely have them because of my dedication to Weight Watchers)...But, he only complained about his back spasms and leg cramps...both were helped by moving around in the pools...the ocean was fine for about ten minutes, several days, but at the second condo the waves were strong, so he told me he would rather not go in because it made him unsteady...

I guess what I am saying was that it was in most ways a memorable trip; it may be our last...because of the expense...the first class flights were the only way to go...for comfort, ease of travel and the personalized treatment it provided. The hotels/condo were mindful of the PD and again, we never waited for a table for dinner, and our needs were met in all instances...again, because of going first class...

One noticeable thing was that so many waiters/waitresses, shop owners, etc. had a difficult time understanding him...I guess I am used to it..I did, however, notice his voice seemed less clear, perhaps because of being tired...

All in all, I think I was prepared for the unexpected, accepted his limitations, and am glad for the pill reminder alarms we preset on his iPhone...preplanning was time consuming, but provided for a basically stress free two weeks.

Hugs and glad to be back. Nigel and Grandpa are napping...I am folding the last load of clothes...finally! Jane

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