For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Freespirit On 2013.11.15 11:38
I am struggling right now with trying to come up with a solution for my husband who can't make it to the bathroom "in time" at night from his bedroom due to slowness.

I purchased a bedside commode, but he is resistant to using that as well as Depends (except for slips). He is very modest and wants an actual toilet and sink installed in his bathroom, but I got a bid, and the cost is $4,000, and not practical from my viewpoint; however, I am not completely opposed to doing it for his comfort. From a financial point of view, I need to be thrifty to a degree to be able to afford to have someone come in and care for him during the day in the near future while I am at work.

I have thought about switching him to our master bedroom, which is closer to the bathroom, but there is a large step up he would have to manuever each time to get up to the bathroom, and doing that in the middle of the night worries me... and eventually he will not be able to do this.

I have also considered catheters, but that doesn't solve the issue of bowel movements.

I've even thought of moving our dining room table out of it's area and replacing it with his bed because this will make it a shorter distance for him to get to the bathroom, but again, not a permanent solution.

Other than this, I don't know what else to do. These are difficult decisions. Does anyone have any suggesstions? I appreciate it.

By parkinit On 2013.11.15 22:18
The step up for PWP is usually not a problem. Just make sure you have good lighting around at night.

By Sheridan On 2013.11.16 08:49
Freespirit, We had a bedside commode in husbands bedroom for a few years. Kept moving it closer to the bed but got to the point where he could not move much at all during the night and could not get out of bed to use it. He now uses condom caths which are SO helpful. Of course I attend to him during the night when he needs to use bathroom for bowel movement. Not much of an issue yet. We have made major modifications to the house over the years. New accessible bathroom, ramps etc. I will do almost anything to make husband more comfortable but we are always looking ahead to resale value as well. How long will your husband be able to use the sink and toilet in the bedroom? Will you need to remove them to sell the house? Maybe you could try the master bedroom first before you spend the money? We just got an estimate to put a pocket door in the bathroom for better access with wheelchair but decided the cost was too high as we would only gain an inch! Luckily we have good honest contractor.

By Freespirit On 2013.11.18 08:41
Thank you for your replies. . .

And that is just it, the practicality of installing a toilet and sink in his bathroom when I don't know how much longer he will even be able to use it. And yes, it would have to be taken out if we sold the house because it is not conducive in this particular bedroom.

So, I have to juggle his wants and balancing our finances. Again, my intention is to keep him home as long as possible, and that four grand will go a ways in making that possible. It's more practical.

I think for now we will move him to the master bedroom and see how that goes.

Again, thank you!

I'm so used to the two of making big decisions like this. Now he just is not able to think things out the way that he used to, bless his heart, so now it is left up to me, and quite frankly, I do not always feel equipped!! But, we'll manage.

By carman96 On 2013.11.18 09:20
My husband had the same problem of getting to the toilet in time so I did move him back into the master bedroom. He refused to use a commode. He has his own bed which is right next to the bathroom door.. but we don't have a step. He has grab bars everywhere. He was using depends which he found very hard to get on and off. But now he isn't even using them.
See my reply to Lynnie about getting in and out of bed. He is really doing much better at night than he was 6 months ago. Although he still gets up every couple of hours, he usually gets to the toilet in time now.
My husband can usually maneuver steps as long as there are grab bars and he knows they are there.
I am also trying to figure out if I should modify our shower. I'm just not sure how long we will be able to stay in this home but I keep procrastinating about the shower thing. Lots of decisions to make it seems, and my husband also can't help me with the big decisions anymore.
Good luck whatever you decide.

By Rempt2 On 2013.11.18 12:30
my inlaws when they got older had commodes in their bedrooms even though they didn't use it during the daytime. They didn't want to fall during the night.

What about a screen of some sort so he gets some privacy and moist towelettes for cleaning?

My husband is incontinent but has trouble using commode due to balance issues and managing his cathetar.

By pickles On 2013.11.22 20:40
We gave our person with parkinson's the master bedroom with the bathroom en-suite. I briefly shared a bathroom with them and realized I couldn't have it double as a guest bathroom or share it within reasonr. While it is a lot of space i'm realizing we are happier surrendering the master suite and NOT sharing a bathroom.

By RnB On 2013.11.22 22:56
Put the commode next to the bed with a small lined trash can and a tray/shelf with toilette paper, disinfectant spray, roll of paper towels and wet wipes. the bucket should have a few inches of water in it before bedtime so it doesnt stink. Just dump it in the toilette in the morning and rinse it in the tub/shower. He might think its worth a try if its done that way.

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