For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By oshroshr On 2013.11.20 12:50
After 9 years and failing effectiveness of meds my husbNd is scheduled for DBS in Jan. Can anyone tell me what to expect after and during the procedures? Want to be prepared.

By parkinit On 2013.11.21 01:28
It was shocking to me, as a caregiver that he was release after one night in neuro ICU, but he really was doing okay. He wanted to go dancing within a few days after surgery . . . and we did! The battery surgery (usually 2 weeks later) is much more painful.

By blue2 On 2013.11.21 18:15
Oshroshr, the National Parkinson Foundation ( publishes a booklet titled Parkinson Disease: Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy. We found it very helpful. You can reach the Natl. Parkinson Foundation also by calling 1-800-327-4545. Our neurosurgeon also had very valuable information on his website at Unlike parkinit's husband, mine had both the stimulator and battery placed during the same surgery on the right side. A month later he had the other side done.

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