For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By RnB On 2013.11.22 18:08
Im Ryan...My Grandmother is Beverly(RnB)

Ive been basically tossed into 24hr caregiver after I found her on the floor at her house. She was living alone without much help and nobody knew she had PD. Only that she was barely walking with the walker and obsessive compulsive about things...found her on april 15th or 16th(tax day). I would visit her about once or twice a week as would my cousin before that. She's 89, Im 41. Luckily for us both, I had not been working full time so I didn't have to make that decision to either quit or force her into a facility. We have a non confrontive relationship but Im pretty much confined to her home. So far I have hung in there and can for quite a while.

This Forum has taught me a lot about PD and its interesting to read up on the different circumstances that arise.

She had many more conditions than just PD but she is significantly aware(no dementia) but slightly confused and forgetful. Maybe that is dementia....not sure. Medicines are hard to keep up correctly with no matter how organised I get them....the symptoms always seem to change and progress. I suppose this is the way it goes and I'll cope with it as long as she needs me. She has been taking sinemet 150mg/600mg/day total. I was worried about the amount until I started reading the forum today. Anyway, thanks for having this helpful forum.

By jcoff012 On 2013.11.22 22:43
Hi, Jim,

Welcome to the forum. Your situation is unique, but heartwarming. While it is admirable, please allow yourself some "me" time. PD progresses differently for each PWP, so you need to have other interests to keep your sanity. It isn't selfish to think of yourself. Please do. It will be better for you both.

Others will be along. Many are facing PD at different stages and under different circumstances, but all are honest, caring folks who will only wish you well.

Take care of yourself. Your grandmother is a lucky woman. I know, I am a grandma, too. ;)

By RnB On 2013.11.23 14:07

I do have a couple caregivers come over(8 hrs/twice a week). Basically, I have hired one that we had under hospice which is great for grammas bed bound and incontinent situation and one other distant family member who is a fairly unreliable caregiver and without experience with the bed bound. The money is there and home is where gramma was meant to be for life. If/when she gets to a point where she is mentally unaware I may find a facility for her but not the plan at the moment. She graduated from hospice a week ago so the pressure has been stacking up on me....Just gotta stop worrying so much about such little things but I guess thats part of the care giving process. I stress myself out just contemplating on what decisions I should and will have to make in the near future and its a drain of the energy I will need in my "battery" when the time comes.

Been reading the stories of others and its comforting to at least have things in common with them. Also, a little exercise today.

By carman96 On 2013.11.24 09:42
Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you are doing a great job and your grandmother is lucky to have you.
It is rather overwhelming at times to be a caregiver. This forum helps me and will help you also I am sure.

By parkinit On 2013.11.30 22:20
Welcome. You are to be commended for stepping up. It is a tough job. I was pleased to see you exercised. It is a proven fact that exercise is better than antidepressants for depression- which seems to come with the territory with this disease for the pwp and the caregiver.

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