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By olpilot On 2014.01.09 02:48
Just after Christmas this happenedAfter a very long and fruitful discussion on holiday travel and visiting things went rather well this year. A week or so brfore.Christmas we did the.trip to the in-laws, went ok, came home, Thursday before Christmas my wife had carpal tunnel surgery in both hands, so I became the caregiver,I hope I'm never that demanding...only kidding, my poor wife could do almost nothing for herself, but we got through it. Her mother had to come and drive her the 80 mile round trip for surgery. Her mother is Iin her 80s and for the first time I really felt helpless, but I made up for it. Her mother came back the day after Christmas and stayed with us till the day after New Years, and it couldn't have been more pleasant. I got some work done my wife was well cared for, her mothers visit was extended by Wisconsin weather, but all went well. The real story came on Saturday after Christmas, I am still allowed to drive to town 7 miles away or to the town dump about 3 miles away. So coming home from the dump a mile or so from the nearest house walking along the road looking quitescared was a young puppy. I drove by at first but it just didn't seem right, it was to young AND to to far from anywhere, I turned around and after about 30 and half dozen wurthers candies I got her to trust me, got her in my truck and took her home. The temp that night was forecast to be-11, she never would have survived. She was just a pup, but had already had puppies, I was starting to get mad at someone. We called the sheriff, we called the humane society, twice. Once her, and once to ask if we could hold her until someone called about her, we were told sure, and if no one claims her we could keep her after 7days, which was up last fFriday. Friday we took her to our vet, no micro chip, no inquires about her, Sofie is now sleeping at this minute on our bed. Last May I lost my best friend a beagle corgi mix, Sofie is a beagle bassett hound mix, and loves our other two, a beagle fox hound mix and a corgi. Carmen and Lucy. I felt like a kid bringing home a lost puppy. We think she either escaped from a puppy mill, I think she was way to young to be bred or she was a drop off in the country. Either way we saved a life, and I got my best Christmas present ever. Not much to do with pd, but then neither do the really good things in life.

By carman96 On 2014.01.09 10:26
What a great story! I think Sophie was in that place at that time just so YOU could rescue her! Divine intervention? Possibly!

By Mary556 On 2014.01.09 11:45
so sweet!

By lurkingforacure On 2014.01.09 15:38
I love your story, what a perfect Christmas gift for both of you, in many ways:) I hope you have many years of joy together.

By olpilot On 2014.01.10 00:27
As she is curled up against me, my wife and I agree, this is where she was ment to be and grow.old. lesson learned was listen to that voice that says "help if you can". The rewards are worth it. If you give love, it comes back many times over.

By jcoff012 On 2014.01.10 00:43
GREAT story! Love it!

By parkinit On 2014.01.18 00:27
How refreshing to hear your good news and story.

By olpilot On 2016.01.08 02:52
This I guess an update on this story. Yesterday exactly 2 years after posting this it is with terrible news that I update. Yesterday after a freak accident in the dog park here when Sophie was playing with another dog, she slipped in the mud, rolled and basically broke her back. In the course of a few hours she became paralyzed in her back half. She couldn't stand, she couldn't even empty her bladder. We did what we thought best for her and let her go. The pain was almost unbearable, we had fallen completely and deeply in love with her. To watch her go in a matter of hours to a running and happy pup to a little girl in terrible pain and fear was awful. The thing that makes the least sense was she was playing with a new puppy that we had just taken in from a guy living in a broken down ford van that was going to give to the pound as soon as he got his van running.the puppy was a min pin. A very small dog she weighs about 6 pounds. In the last 4 months we have lost 3 of our furry family. I in no way blame the new girl for anything it was a crazy accident, we will love and care for our new little one of that there is no doubt. The kitten we lost developed heart failure and Carmen our old gal went into kidney failure mostly from age. Sophie was a true shock. Happy and playing one day and the paralyzed 36 hours later. Last night was the first night since May of 2001 we have not had a Beagle in our home, or on our bed. The new little girl will be as much a part of our family as any of the others, she is by far the youngest at about 18 months so she will be with us for a long time. And when we can we will continue to rescue dogs when ever and where ever we can.

By moonswife On 2016.01.08 21:40
olpilot, Your story touched my heart in such an odd way. We have been on a list for a Great Dane that weighs at least 150 lbs, or 2/3 of my husband's weight. It was to be his assistance animal. After 19 months of waiting, your story and my belief in Karma reinforce that a dog will find us...because it will know we need it. When it thinks it is will leave us. It will know we have the good sense to make the correct choice to put it down, if the medical reason is sound, and not before. You have your Min Pin Angel, I am still waiting for ours. A hug to you and your wife.

By olpilot On 2016.01.09 02:18
I had never really been much of a "dog person" until a couple of years after our first dog Casey. He was a Beagle Corgi mix. I fell in love with him then Carmen, Lucy, and then Sophie. Now we have Olive and she is a true puppy. So full of joy and energy. It will be hard to keep up with but we will. I hope you find your friend soon, any time lost with them is too much. There is no animal on the planet that will always and no matter what give back more love than they receive. It is their nature and they always will do it. I am thankful for every minute with all of them. My son had a Great Dane he lost a few years ago and I don't think he is over it yet. I firmly believe if it isn't hard for you to get over losing them then you should have never had them. Good luck.

By moonswife On 2016.01.09 14:12
Olpilot.....I agree with your thinking on grieving the loss of a dog. We have had two married couples of Springer Spaniels, and one Brother & Sister weird combination of Coyote, Rottweiler and a little Shephard over the course of our 47 years together. We loved them all dearly, cried when they became ill, did the humane thing and ended their suffering.....all except one. The sister dog actually decided she could NOT live without her brother and stopped eating and even drinking water. I gave her water with a turkey baster for a while, and then she would not come out of the dog house. Once again, we ended her grief and put her down at 14, two weeks after her brother left for doggy heaven. These were the dogs that were so stupid my husband said they shared a brain. But they were so smart they pinned an escaping criminal that saw fit to go over my wrought iron fence. When the cop, in hot pursuit, got to the gate with his gun drawn one was sitting on him and the other had her arm in his mouth. He screamed "I'll sue, I'll sue" and the cop informed him they were helping in a police pursuit and IF he ever left prison he could try, but would lose. Once again, I fall to digression. Still looking for my soul dog.

By carman96 On 2016.01.13 11:05
So sorry to hear of the loss of Sophie. You have to make the best possible decision for your pet because you don't want them to suffer.
I have had many dogs over the years. They were all special. We always had two big dogs. The last one we had to put down the day before Thanksgiving 2014.
We then moved to a mobile home park where you can have 1 small dog. So in August we rescued a small dog named Charlotte. She had a tough life and was only about a year old.She is some kind of Chiweenie we guess. I never had a small dog before.
One dog can never take the place of another, but they can sure bring you lots of love and companionship!

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