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By carman96 On 2014.01.10 21:16
Tonight my husband was fidgeting and imagining all kinds of things. He thought he saw a boat out on the lake. We live on a canyon, no lake. Then he said it was a motor home. He wanted to wrap up some brownies to take with him. I told him we aren't going anywhere. I gave him dinner and it took him a half hour to eat only half of it. He kept moving papers around like he was looking for something. And on and on. Usually he only gets this agitated when he takes vicoden but he didn't have any today. Don't know what set him off but it sure is hard to deal with.

By LOHENGR1N On 2014.01.10 23:50
carman is he dehydrated? We can become dehydrated in winter also esp with the cold we just had and the heat running more often.

By carman96 On 2014.01.11 05:22
Thanks Al, I'm going to try to make him drink more water today.
Cold weather? I live in California and we should have a little snow this time of year but it has been 60+ degrees in the
Of course we are having a scary drought year out here, but since we can't have rain we might as well enjoy the sun!

By jaxrock On 2014.01.11 09:38
My first thought would be...a possible UTI?
Yes, water, water and more water...
We just had two days like you just had. My husband "saw" a worm on the kitchen floor...described it as "pink with no teeth".....
Of course, I tried to stay calm...but, it's hard! Then he got on a stool and started taking apart a smoke alarm on the wall...saying he heard the batteries going, "chirping"...There are no batteries in our smoke alarm...It's wired to the house.
Those episodes lasted two days, thankfully...I'm watching, him, tho, for a possible urinary tract infection...which he gets quite often.
Good Luck....

By carman96 On 2014.01.11 10:07
Jaxrock, my husband often sees worms. Usually it is in low lighting and by the night lights. What's scary is he gets a knife and tries to cut them. A couple nights ago he said he needed pliers to get the worm. One day he was in the bathroom and saw a worm go under the door into the laundry. I humored him by looking for the worm. Imagine my surprise when I moved the waste basket and saw a big old centipede!
Anyway, what are the signs of a UTI? He's never had one.

By jaxrock On 2014.01.11 11:11
In my husband's case, the signs of a UTI are these.....his urinary incontinence gets much worse, his urine burns and gets darker, he talks "nonsensical", and "sees" things that aren't there. He gets weak and almost faints - gets dizzy, too. I can usually see it in his eyes...they look "off". Usually, a dose of an antibiotic solves the problem...
He does get them quite often, though.
Drinking lots of water is so important, too................
But, sometimes the UTI flares up anyway....

By pickles On 2014.01.15 12:31
Carman96 I too found a "worm" the other night that I didn't believe! Our PWP said the FBI called and I thought we were in for it but it was truly a scammer calling. I was oddly delighted that the "worm" was real!


By carman96 On 2014.01.15 15:50
Pickles, I guess we shouldn't always assume our PWP is imagining things!

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