For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By sharonj On 2014.01.25 17:01
My sister is currently in a rehab hospital having physical therapy. Since her PD dx last May, she had been living in an assisted living studio apt. However, because of frequent falls, incontinence, and other issues, she can no longer live there and will have to go to a nursing facility after her hosp. discharge. (We are both in our 70's and I cannot physically care for her in my home.) The past couple of days she has become very angry at her hosp. roommate and has made several accusations about her which do not seem to be true. I tried to talk with my sister about this, but she became angry at me also. She is now having cognitive difficulties and cannot figure out many of the tasks and problems in her OT sessions. Is this fast decline typical? I dread the future - she was always so independent and intelligent and it is painful to see her this way. I just pray that I remain healthy as I am her DPOA and there is no one else she is close to who would visit her and "be there" for her other than me and my 80-year-old husband. I would welcome comments. This is a sad thing.

By LOHENGR1N On 2014.01.26 00:07
sharonj, welcome to the forum. I would say that as rapid a decline as you describe is not typical. It could be from Her medication, an infection, not getting her medication on time. It could be a number of things going on, frustration of being there. Not knowing her med's, if dosing is the schedule she's used to it is hard to say but I can say such rapid decline is not typical. I hope others can be of more help as they answer. Again welcome to our forum.

By sharonj On 2014.01.26 12:11
Thank you so much for replying, Lohengrin. I think my sister's med schedule is being followed carefully. Her neurologist increased her Sinemet med dosage recently and she is also on Aricept. She sleeps so much - they often have to wake her for her PT. Our other sister is in a care facility because of a terrible head injury 45 years ago - her VW bug was hit by a drunk in a big Buick. Now my sisters will be in the same facility.

By parkinit On 2014.01.26 23:15
I'm so sorry about both of your sisters.

My first thought was a urinary tract infection (UTI), but as usual, Al has provided several well thought out potential causes. I would ask the facility if she could be tested via a urine sample and possibly blood sample for a more extensive infection.

By JulieB On 2014.01.27 11:01
Sharon, I am so sorry for what you and your sisters are experiencing. I thought at one time that my husband had a UTI because his decline and confusion seemed to go so quickly in just a couple of days. I had him tested and it was negative, but I thought that would have been a good place to start too. I'm thinking of you today and praying you'll find snippets of joy and peace in the midst of these hard things in life. Julie xo

By sharonj On 2014.01.27 17:44
Thank you, everyone, for your helpful comments and caring. My sister has been checked for a UTI - she has had one in the past, but hasn't for some time (she has been tested). She drinks a LOT of water, as some of her meds cause dry mouth. Just found out today she will be transferred to the care facility on Thursday. Hoping things calm down for all of us for a while. Thanks again, you folks are great!

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