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By jsmitch On 2014.02.28 15:19
I'm seeing too many people getting duped by a rash of e-mails that have been on the street since the first of the year.

Nobody is sending you a gift card (Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, HomeDepot, etc.) in appreciation for anything. Just delete this stuff when you see it. Clicking on that link brings malware to your computer, your browser gets hijacked, and your passwords stolen.

Remember the old adage -- if it sounds to good to be true...

On a similar note: after April 15, 2014. Microsoft stops all support for Windows XP. Most importantly the versions of Internet Explorer that are connected to Windows XP will become vulnerable to hackers. If you one of the millions of users still using Windows XP, do yourself a favor and stop using Internet Explorer as your web browser. Use Firefox or Chrome instead.


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