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By jcoff012 On 2014.04.08 18:16
We were in the car driving the fifteen miles back to our home, after our daily pickup of our grandson, Nigel, when from the backseat came a little voice:

"Grandma, are we going to the store to buy me a toy?"

"Not this morning, Sweetie, but Grandpa and I got some new red fingerpaint. Remember, we ran out of it the other day?'

"That's good, Grandma, but fingerpaints aren't a toy...that's art supplies!"

I thought Carl was going to lose it...he often shows me his blank stare, non emotional face, but things like this bring us both almost to tears of laughter...and it is great to see all the love and expression in Carl's face and body language...don't you love four year olds!?"

Nigel also forces Carl to get up and moving...I was blowing bubbles outside for Nigel, but he wasn't satisfied and went in and got Grandpa to chase them, too...laughter again...not for very long, but it was great seeing Carl outside...he even went for a short walk! Funny what motivates people!

Hugs and pleasant evening! Jane

By JulieB On 2014.04.08 19:07
This made me smile, Jane. It's our grandchildren that lift our hearts the most these days. A while back one of our little granddaughters was sitting in my lap and she smelled the perfume scent on my neck. "Grandma, why do you smell like appley-glump?" she asked. It was Estee Lauder's "Beautiful" but I always think of it differently after hearing Vivie's assessment of it. :) xoxo

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