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By daisy On 2014.04.12 11:43
The Exelon patch has just been prescribed for DH with the advice that it may help with his considerable cognitive problems or it may not help at all, of if it does, it's benefits may not last indefinitely. I was wondering what, if any, your experiences of this drug have been? I would really appreciate your advice?

By Maddie52 On 2014.04.14 18:10
My husband who has had parkinson's for 20 years was switched to Exelon from Aricipet last year. However, he did not react well to it. It actually made his cognitive and other issues worse and he was switched back to Aricept within a few weeks. I think his reaction to Exelon was out of the norm. I certainly hope it will help your husband. Just Fyi my husband also takes Namenda for his cognitive issues.

By Freespirit On 2014.04.15 14:25

My dear husband has been on the Exelon patch for some time now. Our PD specialist put him on it to help with initiating activity.

I have noticed an improvement in his overall ability to grasp things, but not much in the way of physically getting things done. He seems clearer-headed on the patch though, so I am grateful for every little bit.

By jaxrock On 2014.04.16 07:26
My husband was put on the Exelon patch after I made a call to his neurologist about a new "symptom" that frightened me.
He could not figure out what the numbers 2012 meant.....dates and numbers became so confusing to him...
In his past, he was a "human calculator" with a very sharp knowledge of all things numbers...So I really got scared...
I noticed a change almost immediately when he began on the patch....He is now on the 9.5, and I'm going to request he start on the higher dose - when we see his neurologist next week.
So, for him, it did work...This is his third year on it....
Not perfect, but, much better.....

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