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By Rempt2 On 2014.04.16 14:07
Some of you have PWP that have UTI. My husband is in ICU as of yesterday and his infection has turned to septis. This can affect multiple organs and can be fatal. I wish I had known these symptoms before. Here they are. If you notice any of these call 911 immediately. He went in septic shock which showed up as severe shaking as if he was cold (similar to his prior shaking) and then not responding to questions.

As the condition progresses to sepsis, symptoms include:
•Fever and chills
•Low temperature
•Paleness of skin color
•Changes in mental status
•Rapid breathing
•Increased heart rate
•Decreased urine
•Low blood pressure
•Problems with bleeding or clotting

By jaxrock On 2014.04.16 14:47
I printed this post.

Thank you so much.. My husband gets so many UTI's - and they seem to get worse and worse...

This information helps...

Again, Thank You!

By VioletV On 2014.04.16 16:07
Thank you for this information!
Very important.


By Mary556 On 2014.04.16 16:44
Prayers for your husband, Rempt2. Thank you for alerting us. I had no idea a UTI could lead to something so severe.
I've been trying to monitor my mother's BP and temp more often. (We discovered temporal artery thermometer through her home health care visits; that method is much easier for my PWP.)

By Rempt2 On 2014.04.17 10:02
This a good video showing how you get sepsis, not just from UTI but can develop from pneumonia, elective surgery.

By lurkingforacure On 2014.04.17 22:29
Sepsis is what took my mom down and it is very serious. Seniors who get sepsis have a 96% mortality rate, it is incredibly dangerous.

Cranberry juice can prevent and get rid of UTIs. Most nursing homes serve it, but they serve the diluted stuff. You need the pure not from concentrate cranberry juice, although I have read some people take the capsules.

At least this is something we can do something about proactively.

By Rempt2 On 2014.04.18 21:38
The drs said my husband lucky to be alive. Of course they did ask about his DNR wishes. That's hard. I'm glad he didn't require dialysis as some with this infection do. They removed his ventilator but he is still having trouble breathing on his own so has an oxygen mask on. Still he has done pretty good so far.

By carman96 On 2014.04.18 22:00
Glad your husband is doing better. Thanks for the info on sepsis. It's something that I would have never thought of.
I guess we never know where this journey will lead. Hope your husband continues to improve.

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