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By Dixie74 On 2014.04.17 19:33
My husband had his DBS surgery only on one side at Mayo last Fall. He was doing so well for two months and the past two months his balance and legs give out. In August at his next appointment they will talk about doing the other side. Only doing one side confuses the body with one side good and one side with progressing rigidity. He falls a lot. Mayo says use the cane or U-step walker. I don't see that happening. The past 5 falls have been to the right side of the face but missed the DBS wires. Has anyone else had just one side done and the other one later?

By moonswife On 2014.04.18 11:45
Dixie, my husband had DBS on the right side in 2010. One year later he needed the other side done, because he had developed scoliosis like symptoms from stimulation on only one side. Once the 2nd side was done, his spine straightened and his back did not spasm any more. He, too, has started having more falls. We say the devious Mr. P is knocking him down. If you ask him, the trade off of not suffering tremor was well worth it, and he would choose DBS again.

By Dixie74 On 2014.04.20 20:16
Thanks for replying, that is something for us to think about. He started taking 1/2 more carbo-levo yesterday and he is more alert today. He was taking 3 tabs every three hours before DBS and he thought he could go to half med. So the last three months he has had problems. He didn't listen to Mayo when they kept saying he might need that 1/2 back. We were surprised when Mayo only did one side, but because of a triple by pass and his age they didn't want to tax the body.

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