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By laylee7 On 2014.04.22 10:40
We were just told by our Dr. that he would like to see my husband try a new technique. it is a "Glutathione IV Push" a new treatment that is supposed to slow down the progression of his Parkinsons. It would involve 2 - 3 days a week of a 10 minute IV Push of Glutathione. He has progressed so much in the 8 months since we had seen him last. We were asked to research this technique and in 6 weeks we are to come in and discuss if this is something we would like him to try. Has anyone tried this treatment? If so what have you experienced good and bad?

By lurkingforacure On 2014.04.22 16:04
We tried this, it's expensive, not covered by insurance, and we noticed no effect, good or bad.

If you are considering doing this, you need to research Dr. Perlmutter's work on IV glutathione and PD-he has a facility in Florida and I believe his study on this did not show benefit for PWP...or at least not for the general PWP. If one person benefits, he/she should stick with it, of course.

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