For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2014.04.22 14:00
I LOVE Dr. Christine! He is such a kind, sweet, and gentle doctor! He does wonders for Carl and Carl speaks of him as "he is great. Again, he looks at me the whole time and he listens...he doesn't just go through the motions."

When we got to UCSF, we were taken to an examination room where we met a new neurologist who introduced herself as a colleague of Dr. Christine, whom he asked to oversee the initial part of this visit. She let Carl relax, then went through the tests, the walking, the hand movements, etc...then they discussed his meds one at a time and his problems, etc. She then said that she felt that the Requip was not helping his tremors, so would he consider starting Sinemet? When he hesitated, she had him tell her his objections, concerns, etc. She then took notes into Dr. Christine's office. They both came back and he chatted a few minutes, had Carl perform other tests, etc., then he said he agreed with the first neuro that it was time to begin Sinemet...but, he wanted to know firsthand of Carl's concerns. He answered questions, one at a time, until Carl was at ease with it all. So, now he is cutting back on the Requip for four days, then will begin Sinemet on Saturday. They also discussed his therapy and the fact that he is still doing the exercises for 45 minutes a day. He asked him if he thought he could start walking for thirty minutes a day, too. So...

Bottomline...after reading all the stories of doctors who are NOT up to par, Dr. Christine again stands heads above! Several things impressed big one was that he focused on Carl's needs and wants...although HE wanted Carl to start the Sinemet, he truly listened to Carl and told him all the side effects and that he felt his tremors would subside and that would, in turn, put less stress and overcompensation on his back...told him he could notice the tremors lessen in a short day or two...

But, the thing I really liked was that at the end of the time (1 hour 20 minutes again!), he rolled his chair over, took both of Carl's hands, looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Smile, Carl....there you and laugh every's good medicine for the soul." Words directly out of my lovely doctor's mouth! It was yet another great appointment and we don't go back til the end of September!

Hugs and isn't it great to have a fantastic doctor visit! Jane

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