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By Trusting On 2014.05.01 22:56
My husband had a heart attack last Thursday. They had to go in twice to unblock 4 blockages. While in the hospital he became very confused. He thought the staff was out to get him. He saw snipers, guns, etc. He has cleared up somewhat after he came home but is a bit discouraged that his energy hasn't returned yet.

Have any of you experienced heart attack with PD? We learned last week that his prostate is enlarged too. More medicines! I feel like I am going to be poisoning his system with all these medications. I want to help him but this is all happening so quickly. I need to know how some of you handled it if you went through this. Thanks and blessings to you.

By LOHENGR1N On 2014.05.02 00:47
Trusting I haven't been through this but it will take more time than "normal" for him to clear the andesitic (sp?) out of a Parkinson's system this however can't be avoided it was a life or death crisis so it will be a slow climb back from it I'm afraid try to just reassure him it is a Parky thing and don't try to rush it just take it slow and easy for awhile. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By Dixie74 On 2014.05.03 09:55
Hospital stays and surgery are very very hard on PD folks. We have been warned in various ways that in the hospital they don't get their meds on time like the rigid schedule at home. We know that during surgery the med timing is off and that all throws the PD system into havoc. My husbands DBS surgery was interesting. The first surgery went extremely well. The second part a week later took him two weeks to get over because of the anthesia and antibotics. The surgeon said that I could give him his meds personally to stay on time in the hospital. When we go to the ER the doctor says I can give him his PD meds on time just to stay on top of it.

By carman96 On 2014.05.03 10:34
Trusting, sorry about your husbands heart attack. I think anyone who is so soon out of surgery wouldn't have much energy yet. My husband's neurologist said no elective surgery with general anesthetic since it really messes with their cognitive function. So recovery will probably take longer than for non Parkinson's patients.
Good luck and hope he recovers soon.

By JulieB On 2014.05.03 11:51
Dear Trusting, I add my prayers and concern to everyone's here, for you and your husband's tough journey....hugs to you today. xoxo

By daisy On 2014.05.03 17:59
Trusting, here's hoping that your husband is feeling better very soon. You both have a lot to deal with at the moment so please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs..

By Trusting On 2014.05.03 21:59
Thank you all for your responses and support. I took him out this morning for a ride and a short walk. He has been super tired since we returned home. I figured his recovery would take a little longer than most but I was hoping that with more oxygen getting through his system that things might look and feel a lot better. Just hasn't happened yet. You have all helped me to understand.

By lurkingforacure On 2014.05.04 09:24
So sorry to hear of this, just another issue to have to handle. All anesthesia is very hard on the senior brain, took my FIL over 4 months to get back to where he was after his surgery (not elective). I hope your hubby recovers soon and am sending prayers your way.

By Mari7254 On 2014.05.27 14:10
My husband had a double bypass and aortic valve replacement a year ago-he was in ICU an extended period of time due to fluid in his lungs and lack of balance. What your husband experienced was the same as mine-ICU psychosis. It only lasts for about 24 hours but to them-it is very real. To us, it is so frightening to watch this. It was a horrendous summer for us but at least his heart is ok-surgery and tons of meds on top of the PD kitchen looks like a pharmacy...

By Trusting On 2014.05.28 09:19
Mari, I'm glad your husband is doing better. I know what you mean by tons of meds. I sometimes feel like I'm poisoning him with all these meds but without them he couldn't keep going.

My husband had a second heart attack 3 weeks after the first. They put more stents in. The first ones re-clotted. This time he thought he had been kidnapped. He punched a male nurse and more. He returns to normal as soon as he gets home.

He seems to being doing much better but still gets very tired. We can't tell if it's PD draining his body or just recovering with his heart. I guess time will tell. Blessings to all of you going through these tough times.

By Mari7254 On 2014.05.28 13:59
I have found that my husband's PD and dementia are much worse when he is tired...he dozes on and off 24 hours a day. Problem with the hospital is that not only does he not get enough sleep but they always seem to mess up his schedule. We are very regimented at home. My heart goes out to you-I pray that your husband continues to improve at home. Hang in there...the heart attacks and the PD combined are terrible stresses on his body while he is healing.

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