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By jcoff012 On 2014.05.11 11:54
Hope you all have a fun family day! Hugs and love to all of you, Jane

By carman96 On 2014.05.11 14:45
Same to you Jane!

By Lynnie2 On 2014.05.11 16:00
I just walked up town by myself to get an ice cream cone to treat myself for Mother's Day. I husband didn't want to go. Anyway, I got a free ice cream cone and sugar free too! The ice cream store was giving away free cones to mother's today!
We are going to order a pizza for dinner instead of going to a restaurant. That was my other wish for Mother's Day and then we'll watch the Identity Thief movie.
Hope all you mothers had a great day too!

By jcoff012 On 2014.05.11 17:42
Sounds good to me! We wound up going to the local brewery for a quick lunch *which gave me a stomach ache...teach me to indulge in fried food! ;-0 Amy is making me dinner, so it won't be sweetie handed me a dozen red roses this morning..he always has given me some kind of flowers for Mothers Day...I just graduated to roses in the last few years! lol...Again hope its a good day for you all...

By lurkingforacure On 2014.05.11 22:08
I got zilch except for my daughter picking some flowers from the yard for me. After my fifth load of laundry my youngest informed me it was mother's day and I should not be working. I've had better days.

By JulieB On 2014.05.11 22:41
Lurking---hugs to you today. :( xoxo

By parkinit On 2014.05.13 23:58

You are an awesome lady each and every day. I hear a small portion on this forum of what you are going through. You don't need a day, but to be told you are awesome daily. Here's one for today. YOU ARE AWESOME, FRIEND.


By carman96 On 2014.05.14 23:17
Lurking, sorry you didn't have a good day. Someday your children will be old enough to give you some wonderful mothers days.
We understand how hard you work. I think you are awesome too!
Hang in there

By jcoff012 On 2014.05.16 23:29
Lurking, here's a story for you...

Our oldest daughter would have been 46 today. She was our giving child, always extremely family oriented and sweet. She would have been here, helping with dinner, flowers in hand...but, the memories I have of past Mother's Days are not of gifts, but of love...when she was five, she painstakingly made me a card that was framed with the silver foil wrappers of chewing gum; when she was 11, she and the others danced and sang me a song they made up...and on and on...

But, I was given the gift of laughter today, by my beautiful sister in law...who told me that when Windy was 4 she thought her two year old brother's hair was dirty. Not wanting me to see him not tidy, she took him into the bathroom and washed his hair in the toilet! My SIL said they all ran into the bathroom when they heard our son scream...lolol...and they both promptly were whisked up and plunked into the bathtub! That was 42 years ago, but today was the first time I heard the story!

What i am saying is, Mother's Day is just a day...nice to get a gift or two, but even better to have it mean something to someone who knew I would need a laugh on a potentially sad day...and the laughter so close enough to Mother's Day to count!

Bless you and keep you...know you are loved and, as I said, sometime soon, when you least expect it, you will be witness to, or part of, an unexpected celebration of love that only a mother would appreciate! I did today!
Hugs, Jane

By lurkingforacure On 2014.05.17 19:27
Thanks everyone, I usually regret venting my pity party thoughts but this "mother's day" was particularly hard. In addition to what I posted earlier, my husband was miraculously able to drive and get takeout for his mother and eat with her at her house but not attend a function for our daughter which was being held at the same time (and after I told her he would not be able to go because his meds were just not working). I am very worried about the continued putting our kids second (or third) to what he wants to do, but do not know what to do about it. I have talked with him and his response to this latest upset is that he just won't ever see his mom again, which is ridiculous. It is one thing to not be able to do things with your kids because of PD, I totally get that. It is quite another to continually choose things you would rather do over spending time with them or going to their events. The message that sends to a child is unacceptable, and sadly, they totally know what is going on. Such a tough situation.

I know it's "just another day", and Jane is right (thank you for the story!). I think my real issue is with the underlying pattern going on, which just happened to surface again on mother's day. Thanks again for all your support, it means so much:)

By carman96 On 2014.05.18 15:48
I think it's okay to have a pity party once in awhile. I had one the other day. Crying and depressed. I had to get it out of my system, I guess. I just have to get on with things, since I don't have time to be in a perpetual state of depression
You are in a difficult situation. It's not likely to get better anytime soon. You work really hard. We do what we have to for our children. Kids are pretty resilient, though. The most important thing is how you react to things. They will appreciate you being there for them, even if their father isn't. You are a strong person and you will get through this.
Wishing you strength and courage for the journey ahead.

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