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By carman96 On 2014.06.08 11:01
My husband's daughter, granddaughter, her husband, almost 4 year old boy and two month old baby girl came to visit for the weekend. They live about a 4 hour drive away so I'm happy they came to see us since it's the first time we've seen the baby! Two great grandchildren! So wonderful.
My husband likes company and I'm glad for the distraction. I think the rambunctious little boy was too much for him. He was getting really mad and yelling at him in a mean way. The kid was overly excited and it was the first time he was here. He kept chasing the cat and getting into things. Our house is definitely not kid proof since we haven't had little ones here for a long time. With all the people, baby crying, and commotion, great grandpa got really tired and super grouchy. When he started to take his pants off in the living room in front of everybody, I knew it was time to put him to bed. I think he slept well so let's hope he can get through the rest of the visit okay!
I'm still so happy to see everyone that it more than makes up for all the extra work. I loved cooking for everyone and they love my homemade dinners!
Sorry for the long post. Wish us luck today, and hopefully my husband does okay.

By Mary556 On 2014.06.08 15:00
Hey Carman, hope you all will have a happy visit! Hope your husband will be able to get the rest he needs, in between all the activities. Best wishes for you and yours.

By jcoff012 On 2014.06.08 22:21
Carman, that's a LOT of company all at once! Hope all went well...I don't mind if Carl gets out of sorts at times like that...It really doesn't hurt everyone else to see Dad/Grandpa out of sorts...Heavens, &-*we* do!

Let us know how the weekend went...I always figure it is worth it all...we rest the next day!

Hugs, Jane

By carman96 On 2014.06.08 23:36
We actually had a really good day. We let Mike have a good nap in the morning, then we went to a small lake about ten miles away. We found a table in the shade, put Mike in a sturdy chair, and had lunch. His two daughters helped him to the water to wade a couple times, everybody swam while I held the baby. Perfect day really.
Then his third daughter came up with her 11 year old and brought dinner. His daughters really got to see how their dad was. They told me how good a job I was doing taking care of their dad, and thanked me. Mike did well today, and it was so nice having the girls all together. They all left to go home and its finally quiet.
It helped that the 4 year old got tired out at the lake!
Two tired but happy great grandparents tonight.

By jsf On 2014.06.09 12:27
I was holding my breath to learn how your second day was with so many visitors. How good it sounds! Such days take careful planning to choose the right time, place, activity and people to include. You did an inspiring job! I also am constantly trying to pace activities so that we can go to our daughter's house or have her young family come to our house. Yesterday we went there after a suitable afternoon rest. My PWP husband got the special chair on the deck and plenty of assistance and interaction. We had an early dinner and when his head started to droop to the side after two hours, we headed back home - only a 25 min. drive. He made it back home still smiling, which doesn't always happen.

Thanks for sharing your day!

By carman96 On 2014.06.09 23:44
Mary and Jane, thanks for the good wishes!
jsf, you are lucky to have your daughter so close. That makes it much easier to keep the visits short! Our family is so spread out, between 1 and 4 hours apart, it makes it hard for everybody to get together.
My brother and his wife came this afternoon in their camper. They live a few hours away. We visited my sister in her new home 10 minutes away, then we went to dinner. They stay in their camper on our property so not that much extra work for me. It's nice to visit with my siblings.

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