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By dans316 On 2014.06.27 16:04
My wife had a swallow test the other week and the result was she is silently aspirating liquids into the upper trachea. She begins therapy on Monday so hopefully there will be some positive results. She also was in to see an Occuaptional therapist for evaluation because of a pressure sore on her buttocks. Just curious if anyone has used a mattress topper that is recommended for prevention and relieving this type of sore.


By jcoff012 On 2014.06.27 17:22
I hope someone can help, Dan. We had Carl's Mom with a therapist for several weeks to aid in her swallowing. It seemed to help.

Not sure about the pressure sore, but she was prone to those because she was so thin...I think I mentioned that she had zero body fat. Getting her up and more mobile helped for awhile, kept the circulation better. She finally went to a wound specialist and they treated hers. One was particularly painful and hard to treat, but they kept working on fact, they came TO the house. All of this was done through her neurologist's referral and Medicare paid for it all.

Good luck! Hope someone can help June...and, you! Hugs, My Friend...Jane

By parkinit On 2014.07.05 01:32
We use a mattress topper with air circulating thru it. Also, we turn my husband several times throughout the night. He still has gotten a few small sores, but we quickly doctored and healed them by using a product called Lanashield... It is the consistency of toothpaste, but it works!

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