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By laylee7 On 2014.07.01 12:59
My husband with Parkinsons has been biting his tongue at night in his sleep. To the point that his jaw locks and his tongue is stuck between his teeth. Dr. thinks he is having mini seizures. Has anyone had to deal with this side effect to Parkinsons before?

By JulieB On 2014.07.02 08:18
Hi Laylee, My husband has had one seizure, but not as serious as what you describe. I'm so sorry you both are going through this. The neurologists weren't sure if Michael's seizure was PD related or not. Since then I have read that if dementia is part of a person's PD, then seizures are more likely. Praying you get some answers so you and your husband can have some relief from this! xoxo Julie

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