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By jcoff012 On 2014.07.04 12:20
Have a great day, everyone...hope you are able to see some fireworks...we are lucky...we are adjacent to a small park and only three miles from the town's celebration, so we sit on the porch and watch both....BUT, we don't have to find a parking spot, lug chairs...AND we have a refrigerator and bathrooms! lolol Works for us...We include neighbors and family and have popcorn and celebrate...can watch the kids play in the park, too!

Thinking of all of you and wishing you a great summer day! Hugs, Jane

By mylove On 2014.07.04 18:00
Back at you! What a perfect setup! There's supposed to be a fabulous fireworks show here in our new town (we are adjacent to a Naval base and a Native reservation, so I'll bet the fireworks are first rate). Hopefully we can see them here in the trees. :). If not we might just hie on downtown to check it out. Tomorrow Ben's planning a BBQ with his famous smoked beef ribs and me handling all of the side fixins. Mmmm. Hope we can get some folks to show up to share it with us! You know we'd invite you all if the real distance was as short as the online one. Bless all of you and have a happy holiday!

By jcoff012 On 2014.07.04 19:07
Thanks, My Friend!...back at you...Carl made pulled pork that was fabulous! Tell Ben we have an authentic recipe for Jack Daniels' BBQ, too, is fabulous! We had all the fixins, too...I even bought a sugar free brownie mix and sugar free chocolate was surprisingly good, too! Have been experimenting in anticipation of all of these test results! Lolol...

Again, back at you and I hope people show up...if not, freeze everything! We are! Hugs, JC

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