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By lurkingforacure On 2014.07.14 20:51
I know several here are dealing with dementia and I do not mean to invite doubt into that diagnosis. I just want to offer some observations about the relationship between the B vitamins and "dementia", so that, before you commit to that diagnosis, you are sure that is what you are dealing with.

The B vitamins are critical to neuronal health and it is becoming widely accepted that most seniors are deficient in them. There are several B vitamins and they need to be in certain ratios and ranges to keep us healthy. You can google for more but in addition to my suspecting my own mom was B deficient (because her doctor claimed she succumbed to "dementia" in a week, sure, right), I have recently observed a 76 year old nonPD friend of my family get a new lease on life when I bought him a bottle of B complex from Sam's Club.

This man who had told us he had "used his tools for the last time" is now back working, albeit lightly, and directing his apprentice in all things electrical and carpentry. He began feeling more energetic and clear within a week.

Before you blindly accept that dementia dx, or even if your loved one has already been dx'd with dementia, I would look into whether a B deficiency was at play. Another thing that can mimic dementia is a UTI.

The RDA for B vitamins may not be enough for your loved one, and there are many different tests for B deficiency...some tests are better than others. I have put my husband on a whole food B complex but beware: B vitamins can interfere with sinemet and incredibly, sinemet depletes one of the B vitamins:( He takes his B complex at night after he is done taking the sinemet for the day.

Does sinemet's depletion of B cause the "dementia" PWP can get, or is that "dementia" really just a B deficiency?

A B deficiency can also be the cause of pernicious anemia which has a great many symptoms in common with PD. B deficiency can result in irreversible damage. There is a ton of information in the book "Could it be B12?" if one has some extra time on their hands:)

By LOHENGR1N On 2014.07.14 23:51
Also I'd add do not confuse delirium with dementia. Many Doctors are not qualified to diagnose dementia from delirium, vitamin decency or even UTI's. Many just have heard dementia comes with P.D. so that's what it probably is. Always, always make certain as dementia never leaves the medical reports once it is on them and all credibility of complaints is lost because they are from some with dementia or the caregiver is listening to the demented patient.

By carman96 On 2014.07.15 08:28
My father had dementia, non PD, and got injections of b12 regularly. Did not help at all. Not saying it doesn't work for some.
My husband has dementia and there is no doubt in my mind. He will not get any better. As far as it being in his records, besides the VA giving him money for it, there is no way he can answer the doctors questions correctly anyway. So I have to speak for him. Mostly my observations of our daily life. I have to be his advocate. That's the way it is, and I doubt that will change.

By Freespirit On 2014.07.15 09:30
I think this is interesting and I am going to check it out for my husband. Perhaps nothing will come of it, but I do believe it merits a check.

Also, you make a very good point, Al. And VERY true.

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