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By Michele On 2014.07.19 08:56
After 6 years of refusing to go back to a neurologist and two cancelled appointments in the last two months Daddy finally went to his new dr!!! I really liked him and Dad seemed to like him too. I'll just jump to the meds. Started him on sinemet, one every morning can increase to two a day (2nd in evening) on the forth day. In two weeks he is to start the Exelon patch. I pray we will see some improvement or at the very least a slowing down of symptoms.
Any comments or suggestions are welcome:)

By carman96 On 2014.07.23 11:37
That is great that he is finally going. Hope the meds work well and he can get some relief from his symptoms. It's really important for the doctor to get the meds right. This may take some adjustments so try to be patient and make sure you communicate well with the neurologist. Try to get your dad to sign a form to let you talk to the doctor. Do it now while he is cooperative, it may save a lot of hassle in the future.
Good luck to you and your dad, and let us know how it is going.

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