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By LOHENGR1N On 2014.07.26 20:12
Okay, what the heck is this you're most likely asking. I have warned you before my mind doesn't work in the normal way. Today I was watching a movie on the sci-fi channel. Giant sharks and octopus's in the movie they were going to lure one of them the octopus I think into a trap using pheromones ..... because all animals react to them and cannot resist the smell of them so said the grade B movie actor.

This however does have some truth to it they are instrumental in attraction of people and most all living things. Which jumped my mind to Parkinson's and many complaints of caregivers stating un-interest from their P.D. mates. While it is hard to understand from our view inside this disease it must be next to impossible for those outside it to understand. I know caregivers and professionals are sick of hearing it is P.D. and state plainly you can't blame everything on P.D. you (P.Der's) have to take some of the blame yourselves! You have to be held accountable for actions or inactions. Yes at times that can be correct but you know what We're held by P.D. a disease that so little is known about the effects upon our whole being that there is no professional alive that fully can understand it heck we patients don't understand it all either, plus the disease steals away our ability to explain it, most times before we have the eureka moment!

This is why reporting and compiling information from caregivers and patients is so important! The disease runs it's course and we patients are gone and not many caregivers stay around after the battle with P.D. is done for their charge.

I'm not saying these are the solid answers but I am saying consideration must be given to them. Empathy is cited lack of interest in mates and food...smell related? Smell does have a lot to do with the perception of taste, also that certain perfume that used to drive him nuts? Well if he can't smell it, it isn't going to work. Or He's changed so much he wants me to dress sexier! Might it be he is supplementing visual stimuli for the aroma he no longer can answer to? As I've said before Parkinson's Disease effects every system we have in our body! That's not a bunch of malarkey it is the truth. And I'm not trying to blame everything on Parkinson's Disease giving carte balance to be a jerk! I'm just saying P.D. effects more than anyone suspects and when a problem arises at least take time to think and examine does P.D. having anything to do contributing to this? Question everything! Many Doctors are set in their ways refusing to bend and many therapists also are set to their guidelines and reluctant to vary from or stray away from what they were taught, venture into other what if's well maybe it does....

Shoot I missed the movie ending...they probably killed the monsters, the hero got the girl and all ended well as most movies do. I can't wait till we all make the movie where P.D. gets conquered and everyone lives happily ever after!

Hope I've given some food for thought, take care, best of luck and hang in there

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