For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LOHENGR1N On 2014.07.30 16:26
I have been blessed with Parkinson's Disease. That thought came into my head the other night....I immediately checked the clock to see if it was med's time? Nope, maybe I need to have them adjusted!?!?

Then I started thinking about it.......way back at diagnosis I sure didn't think so! Now many, many times during the day I don't think that either! Why now in this moment of reflection would I think that? Back then diagnosis and prognosis were bleak dark futures and much shorter futures. It could and did lead to dark places and thoughts! Then somewhere in those thoughts I found myself. I rose up from dark places to confront this disease. To help who I could and to try to set an example for my children about facing adversity. I learned all I could about this disease, about effects on family and patient. The psychological side and psychical problems dealing with this disease. About halfway through my journey thus far the internet became available to me and I found a "nitch" the old AOL message boards about Parkinson's Disease and found I was able to help others in Their struggle. Then the "Forum" if you've read it's history I was on before it's present form, then it was gone and then came back and has been back since.

It hasn't been smooth sailing there are always rough spots misunderstandings and Yes I'm bias toward the patient (can't help it They're my tribe, my People). And there is heart ache, the heart ache of seeing and reading caregivers/partners floundering in a swamp of emotional and psychical problems. Fighting Their own demons in the dead of night imaginations running amok fearing and thinking to worse.

Practitioners still unaware of the scope of this disease we carry within Us. Society advertising this and that, news reports touting cures, or down playing the disease. But I don't want to stray too far afield here so......

Although I know I don't have all the answers I have quite a few and quite a few helping hint to ease this or that rough spot on the path. Yes I'm blessed because with Parkinson's I have found a way to be useful and to help others, others whom without P.D. I would have never met! Like so many People I would have been planning the future of retirement, busy with the work day, watching sports and doing those things that everyday "common" people do. Going about the day maybe with some friends who We think are friends until adversity strikes and they're gone (without the teachings of Parkinson's Disease who can say that I wouldn't be that kind of friend myself?) I have learned and grown with this disease and been yes, blessed by it.

My People, my tribe of Parkies here that post You are so needed here thanks for helping me (You help more than you know! ) You are a blessing to all who read your words. Dear, Dear Caregivers/Partners, You are so blessed! Even in the darkest fearful nights you have been blessed, not superficially as the world views it but deeply, spiritually. You are blessed with the comforting of Your Dearest Loved One's. Blessed by the ability of helping Us, aiding Us when We most need it You are there beside Us Standing in the face of this Disease that takes so much from all involved. In some cases being our voice boldly staring P.D. in the face and saying not without one hell of a fight you don't, not with out a fight!

This is just one mans feeble attempt to let all involved know we have been blessed and I know how hard it is in the middle of the night racked with doubt to find anything positive to grasp at times but in some way maybe thinking You've been blessed with Your loved ones care and really wouldn't want to entrust them to anyone else until you're completely incapable of providing that care. In that you're blessed with one of the Noblest callings there ever is.

Thanks for putting up with my ramblings from time to time. Take care, best of luck and hang in there

By Marilyn-NJ On 2014.07.30 16:52
I'm at work and the tears are streaming. You are just plain incredible!

By Mary556 On 2014.07.30 23:29
Love as if there is no tomorrow. That is the best way for anybody to live.
It is a blessing to realize how precious is every day, every moment. and to understand how one person's life can help so many others.
You are a blessing to us, Al. Thank you for everything.

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