For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Witsend On 2014.08.01 22:31
My husband falls a lot, as I have said here many times. On July 19th he fell 3 times and had a hard time breathing. He never wants to go to the ER, but I finally just took him there on the pretext of taking him for a ride. He had 3 broken ribs. He has been there since the 19th and should be home tomorrow. He has bad orthostatic blood pressure. They're trying to regulate it and can't seem to get it right. They think that's why he falls. I'm not sure. They have great therapists there, but he can't remember the instructions. I guess I just need to share the latest developments and find out if anyone else has experienced this. I cry all day, every day now, and try desperately not to do it in the hospital. I think I'm losing my ability to hold it together. I hope not.

By Grammy7 On 2014.08.02 00:45
My husband also has severe orthostatic blood pressure. He has been in an assisted living facility for 2 years this Aug. 25th. He kept fainting and falling. He is confined to his bed now; can't walk, talk or feed himself. Our daughter and grandkids were here last week and he didn't recognize them. He is fed pureed foods and weighs 113 lbs. He usually weighed 165. The latest with him is now he is on oxygen 2-3 hours a day. His skin is grayish. It is so very difficult seeing him like this. I still cry everyday. I miss being able to talk with him. He is my best friend and he can't correspond with me. He just stares at the ceiling. I miss him so much. This disease has taken so much from him and from me. I try to stay positive but it is so hard day in and day out.

By moonswife On 2014.08.02 23:56
I empathize. Mike's orthostatic numbers were so low they would not put him on flowmax when he was in the hospital for kidney stone that turned into UTI with a 102 fever. So we follow up with the urologist that puts him on, GUESS WHAT, flowmax. I tried to explain the fluctuations in BP when you have PD. It fell on deaf ears. After all they are "PRACTICING" medicine and they "know what they are doing". All I am doing is living with the crappy decisions they make. Just keep reminding myself, play the game, Justine, play the game. Fill the RX, and only give when the BP is not dangerously low, the pharmacist warned...the BP could fall as much as 20 points. Hmmmmmm BP of 80 over 58. I don't think I am comfortable with that. husband is my best friend too, and I fear the day I slip on your shoes for that walk to see him.

By Mary556 On 2014.08.05 23:28
moonswife, thanks for sharing that info about Flomax. My PWP has urinary retention that started when she was in the hospital recently. She has an upcoming appt w/ a urologist. my Mom's blood pressure fluctuates. sometimes after breakfast it goes as low as 54/31, 68/47, 52/31, 61/33. I give her a few Ritz crackers for the salt and it goes up a little. She gets the low BP before she tries to stand up.

By Trusting On 2014.08.08 21:57
I'm always learning something new from all of you. My PWP has had low bp for several years. When he had his heart attacks a few months ago his cardiologist put him on bp medicine because he wants his bp to stay low. His primary doctor wants to reduce his dosage of bp medicine but cardiologist wants it to stay the same. This morning his bp was 50/40. It has come up some throughout the day but this concerns me when it goes this low. I didn't know that PD affects blood pressure. Would you continue to give him blood pressure medicine if you were in my shoes?

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