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By Michele On 2014.08.05 13:38
Anyone out there have any experience with this medication?

By jaxrock On 2014.08.05 14:58
My husband was put on the Exelon patch about 2 years ago....
When he was unable to figure out the numbers of the year 2012 - thought the 12 was for December, and couldn't figure out why it was "20".. and days of the week meant nothing to him, his neurologist put him on the patch, and his thinking did improve almost immediately.
Good Luck, I hope the patch helps.

By Michele On 2014.08.05 22:53
My Dad has only been using them for 4 days. He keeps asking how long he has to do this test. I know he hasn't been on it long but he seems to get more turned around about how to get from point A to pt. B. We were already dealing with that it just seems a little worse. He is a bit more alert and is moving a little more. Praying it helps him as we move forward.

By daisy On 2014.08.06 03:07
My DH was put on the 4.5mg patch 4 months ago. No noticeable improvement in his cognitive function or reduction in his hallucinations. I have been told that it doesn't work for about 30% of patients. Still using it for the moment. I would love to hear of any other experiences of this medication.

By jaxrock On 2014.08.06 08:05
Oh, our pharmacist did say that it takes awhile for the body to get accustomed to this drug....
It's a powerful medication.
But, like any drugs pertaining to PD, some work for some people, and don't for others.
It's a puzzle, isn't it? and very frustrating.....

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