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By carman96 On 2014.08.14 10:29
Yesterday I took my husband to the emergency room because he had not urinated for more than 12 hours. They put in a catheter, prescribed flo max, and sent him home with the catheter! They said to follow up with his regular doctor, who of course is out of town! He doesn't have a urologist because this is a new problem. His neurologist took him off detrol and said to go to emergency if he didn't pee for 12 hours.
No tests have been performed to see what is causing the problem. I will try to get a hold of the nurse practitioner today, but don't know what will happen.
Anyway, last evening was terrible! He was trying to pull it out and kept saying he had to pee and wanted to sit on the toilet. I had to tell him every 5 minutes not to pull on it, but he didn't seem to understand! Luckily he got some sleep and I drained the bag this morning without much problem.
Anyone have this problem and experience with Flo Max?

By ResistanceFutil On 2014.08.14 17:36
A well-known side effect of Flomax is orthostatic hypotension. If your husband feels dizzy when he gets up or feints when he stands, call your doctor to get the Flomax adjusted. My husband has a bit of orthostatic hypotension from PD - taking Flomax puts him on the floor - he had to quit taking it. Watch for the side effect. (My husband is a board certified urologist, so he knew what had to be done right away.)

By Mary556 On 2014.08.15 00:31
Thinking of you and your husband, Carman. It sounds stressful. I hope there will be relief for you soon. Be watchful for UTI now, too.

My PWP has recently started to experience urinary retention also. She had a urinary tract infection prior to falling and a catheter was inserted (twice) during her recent hospitalization. One of my mother's nurses told me that urinary retention makes it more-likely for someone to develop a UTI. After a few days my Mom was transferred to a rehab /nursing facility that would not usually repeat the urine culture, but my sister who is a nurse-practitioner insisted on it. Catheterization can predispose a patient to infection. They retested my Mom and sure enough, she had another UTI.

God bless all PWP's and caregivers.

By carman96 On 2014.08.15 00:33
Thanks for the heads up, Resistance. my husband already has the orthostatic hypotension so hope fully it won't get worse. I'm hoping it helps with his urinary problem.
This whole balancing of medications is such a roller coaster.

By carman96 On 2014.08.15 00:48
Mary, I took my husband back to get his catheter adjusted and they checked his urine. It was ok but the Dr. put him on antibiotics since infections are so common with catheters. We did better today with the whole routine. It's just so intimidating at first.
We have an appointment to see his primary Dr. tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.
I hope your mom is doing better.

By Mary556 On 2014.08.15 07:16
Thanks, Carman. My Mom's appt w/ urologist is today.
She had more frequent episodes of low blood pressure in May-June, but now since being in the hospital for possible TIA, her BP was higher and they started a med to lower it. If FloMax is added to the mix...
You're right. this certainly is a roller coaster ride.
Your determination, your kindness for your PWP always inspires me.

My Mom's discharge will be this coming Tuesday.
We are praying that she will continue to do well.

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