For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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Topic So...don't say, "What could possibly happen next?' Go to previous topic Go to next topic Go to higher level

By jcoff012 On 2014.08.24 18:51
You HAVE to laugh sometimes...

At 3:21 AM, there was a 6.0 earthquake in Napa that woke us up, too! Seems like the fitting way to end a crummy week, huh?! Poor Carl cannot catch a break...his tremors ramped up when we went to visit his friend, then up again two days later when the same friend died...then to be shaken awake by the earthquake this morning...

Carl is one massive tremor and it seems like the right side has ramped up, too..It was starting three months ago, but seems like it worsened over the last few days...

Brings me to a question...are these new noticeable tremors only temporary, or does stress cause changes to a PWP? Carl says he will handle it but I wonder if your PWP reacts this way...Of course, I hope it is temporary...

So, don't ever say, "WHAT could possibly happen next? LOLOL As always, could be worse...Hugs, Jane

By mylove On 2014.08.24 19:45
Jane...holy cats! Ben would make some smart aleck comment like "Is that me or just an earthquake"? (Hmmm...wonder how much he registers on the Richter scale?). :)

Ben always gets a whole lot worse under stress. Which makes ME feel stressed, because I always wonder if it's permanent, but so far (knock on wood) he gets better a week or so after the stressor passes. Christmas visits, family reunions, big trips, graduation, major health issues, purchasing the house and moving....all those things made the PD look horrendous. I think you'll find that if you give him a safe quiet space to recover in, he will get back to himself. That's my prayer for you both too. Protect him for a little while...he's probably feeling delicate.

By LOHENGR1N On 2014.08.24 20:03
Jane, the stress probably caused the increase in tremor which should calm a bit however don't forget ours is a progressive disease which means they will in the future get worse.

On the earthquake, we don't get many around here and they are minor compared to those out there. Several years ago I woke one morning to the bed shaking....I thought wow my tremor is bad this morning I hope the MED's work or it's going to be a shitty day. Then I noticed the closet doors shaking? Turning on the radio it said we just had a earthquake folks. It has turned into a running joke with my kids as when we have one they don't even bother to ask me if I felt it because I shake all the time making it hard to tell unless it is shaking things on the shelves. It is a entertaining life being a parky, hey maybe I can use that next time someone asks what's it like? I can say think about a minor earthquake, not one that causes destruction but one that shakes the house a little, now imagine the quake doesn't stop butcontinues all day long vibrating your body and everything you touch, that's kinda close to living with a tremor. And so life goes

By jcoff012 On 2014.08.24 21:36
You both made me laugh! I have to admit, I DID at first think it was Carl making a jerky move and waking me up! lolol Wouldn't be the first time! He said, "Was that ME???...Wait a sec...the window blinds are thumping!"

Been in many earthquakes, but this was pretty close and VERY strong...14-20 seconds doesn't sound like a long time, but, trust me, it


Al, as always, thanks...will wait to see how things go this week, as I am sure the actual funeral will be you both...Hi to Ben!

By LOHENGR1N On 2014.08.24 22:57
Ah Jane 15 to20 seconds is a long time? We do it every waking minute all day long.

By carman96 On 2014.08.25 00:39
Jane, that must have been scary. Did you have any damage? I am originally from San Jose, so I've definitely felt a few earthquakes. That's all they talked about this morning on the news. The biggest quake since 1989.
When is your friends funeral? I'm sure this is a very stressful time for Carl but hopefully when it's over he will be able to get some rest.
Hugs to you my friend.

By jcoff012 On 2014.08.25 14:24
Al... ;-PPPPPPP Somehow, I KNEW you would comment! lolol

No news on a we just sent flowers to the house...

No damage here, only shaking...hard


By moonswife On 2014.08.26 00:17
Jane, in SoCal we are no strangers to quakes. Now that my protector needs my protection I feel a little intimidated. I remember when I was 9 months pregger with a 10 lb, baby (and I am 4'10'') and we had the 1971 Sylmar quake. I was sleeping next to the glass window, SO HE COVERED MY BODY WITH HIS. and nearly popped the kid out my eye sockets. I told him I loved his protectiveness, but IF HE DID NOT GET OFF MY WATER WOULD BREAK. Some deaths, a VA Hospital and a reservoir lost, and a Kaiser Hospital lost a story. Too close for comfort to my delivery date. Kid finally ended up weighing in at 10 lbs 8 oz. Looked like a basketball with feet.

By Mary556 On 2014.08.26 00:28
moonswife, you are too funny!

By parkinit On 2014.08.26 22:43
In the midst of this sad disease, moons wife thanks for the light moment. It made me laugh and smile. I needed that.

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