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By olpilot On 2014.09.03 01:42
Another sad day here. A little more than a year ago we lost a good dog, today we said good bye to one of our cats. We have had her and her twin sister since before we were married, about 18 years ago. The last 2 survivors of their litter. These are our children, I have 3 by my first marriage, these two came from a cat my youngest daughter had. They are like mirror image twins. They look like you are looking into a mirror with either of them. She was so sick we had to put her to sleep, such a polite way of saying we decided to play God and make that decision. I do think she was suffering she dropped from about 12 to 3 pounds. Wouldn't eat or drink and and barely moved. I guess I projected myself in there a bit. How do we know when it's time, and when the pain becomes to much? Who will make that decision, and where do we set the limits. Will it be made out of love and compassion or convenience. We made the decision this morning, I made a box, we took her in and it was over. I guess I have never felt I had the right to decide. When Casey died it was no question he had fallen and broke his back and had internal injuries n he was bleeding from his behind. I worry about the other one now a missing her sister. The reason we took them both was because when they were first born they stayed together like none of the others and my daughter did not want to ever separate them. These matters of life and death are so difficult, but it makes me think of down the line. We still have one 18 year old cat, a 14 year old beagle mix and one who has had a cancerous breast removed and out young Sophie beagle/bassett hound. It will be a couple of very hard years, even with out pd. My Dr says I have "emotional incontinence", I cry for no reason and it's true. Just give me a reason though and watch out. We are in for a couple of very hard years. And then my wife has to deal with me too.

Then today I found out one of my brother in laws cancer has returned , he had prostate cancer. Just think of how great it would be if we could all take a break from bad news for a couple of years.

By moonswife On 2014.09.03 07:20
You make a good case for whether or not should we play God when it is a pet's life. I like to think we are not "playing God", but being the human with reasoning capability. If a choice is there to end suffering, and the cat could not make that choice, then we, with our higher thinking skills DO have the right to help them back to their mother. This cat will be joined by its twin someday and then they can all meow together. The dogs will romp freely when it is their time. Sometimes nature takes its course, other times it is more kind to make this hard decision. My husband, like you tears up at the drop of the proverbial "hat", or friend, or animal. It happens when he sees a sad commercial, reads an email about a classmate passing, or hears of a friends cancer returning. I tell him his tears are little wet prayers for the cause. Hope today brings only good news and you get that break from bad news for a while. is the book on your summer in the pines coming?

By jcoff012 On 2014.09.03 18:54
Steve, go forward knowing that you did the best you knew to do under trying circumstances. I am so sorry you had to lose yet another close companion. Hugs and love to you and your wife. Don't second guess your decision, as a decision made from love is not wrong...Sadly, it is one part of life's journey and one none of us wishes to face.

By carman96 On 2014.09.04 08:27
So sorry. It is a sad fact that our pets don't live very long compared to our life span. It's always so difficult to make that decision but I hate to see animals suffer so we've definitely have made the same decision several times. It's heartbreaking.
Yes it would be very nice to go for awhile without bad news, but it never seems to end.

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