For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By laylee7 On 2014.09.10 15:40
Had a visit with the neurologist today. My husband has progressed in the past year, we both knew this. One question my husband asked was. Do you think I will make it to retirement? Dr. asked how much longer? 1 yr. 9 months. Dr. didn't think so, but he would do everything he can to help him get there if this is what he wants. My husband will not work if he feels that he can't. This was a bit of a shock to hear. We are keeping our fingers crossed and prayers going that he can get through the next year and nine months. He was diagnosed 3 yrs ago :(. I thought this was a slow progressing disease. I know everyone is different, I am just hoping things slow down. Don't mean to be a bother, just had to say what was on my mind at the moment. Hugs to all.

By lurkingforacure On 2014.09.10 16:25
One thing you should know if you don't already is that any stress will make symptoms worse and I think it makes PD progress faster. We have had several things happen to us that have confirmed this to be the case for us for sure. I can correlate almost every big change in symptoms to a single tramatic (or very stressful) event in our lives.

So, you will read that lots of us try to "protect" our loved one from things that may stress them, from bad news to financial pressures to whatever. If your husband is worried about making it to retirement (and let's set aside the typical stresses there are in working to begin with, such as getting to and from the job on time, doing a good job, etc.) that is not going to help him. Can you help him relax or try to find something that might take his mind off of worrying? Does he have a favorite hobby or activity that could help?

If he doesn't exercise, could he start? There are more and more studies coming out all the time about the benefits for PWP of exercise, I posted another one just yesterday. I hope that the next 21 months go smoothly for you and your husband.

By carman96 On 2014.09.10 22:53
Laylee, my husband went off work on disability for his back before his Parkinson's diagnosis. We had planned for him to work a couple more years so our income was about a third of what we were used to. He was lucky enough that his company didn't make him officially retire until 65 so added those years on and we had full benefits. When he retired, we got his pension, social security, and money from VA.
You don't say what your husband does for work. I hope he can hold out until he retires, and that he's not under too much stress at work. Maybe he won't decline as rapidly as the doctor thinks.
It was the best thing for my husband to go on disability because he was stressed out at work and hurting. We learned to live within our means and were able to travel before his Parkinson's got very bad. The last couple years he has really gone downhill.
Good luck to you and your husband.

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