For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2014.09.13 22:57
I probably won't be on much til Saturday, as I decided to not lug around my iPad...We are going to enjoy family, celebrate Nigel's fifth birthday tomorrow and see how it goes when all of the adult "children" get together!

They are genuinely kind to each other, enjoy themselves, and there will be good food and laughter...more on Saturday, a week from today. Hugs and hope all goes well for everyone else! Jane

By umajane On 2014.09.14 00:45
Have a wonderful week

By jcoff012 On 2014.09.21 13:23
Back home...It is 10 AM, Sunday morning...I am exhausted and so is Carl. The kids and grandkids had a blast and it was one expensive trip! We just went to Legoland for two days with seven of us and then to Disneyland with nine of us for three days! Seven of us flew down last Saturday, then our oldest daughter and her husband drove up from San Diego for Disneyland.

It was EXTREMELY hot and humid for the entire time we were there..well over 100 most of the days...the last day it was only in the upper 80s..phew! We stayed hydrated, took breaks for snacks, and for the most part did well...but some of the problems we expected happened...

Our oldest daughter who is in denial about PD still is...while she recognized and commented more than once about *my* weight loss, etc., she never once asked about her Dad nor did she act like she noticed HIS drastic weight loss or his was as expected, yet still was odd...Everyone had a great time and Carl did pretty well because I had such a hard time with the humidity with my left leg...It was too hot to wear my compression stocking, so by mid afternoon my leg was swollen and it became hard to Carl got to rest quite a bit! lol...He was a trooper through it all til this morning...

We are supposed to be back on the highway to the memorial service in San Francisco for his architect friend who died...but, instead, Carl is in bed, sick to his stomach with nausea, etc...You see, we arrived at the Santa Rosa airport at 2, but our new car wouldn't start...had AAA come out and they jumped it, but it had no power, etc., so we drove the ten miles to Amy an Eric's...then, it took over five lie...FIVE hours to get the car towed to the dealer...we didn't get home til after nine! What should have been a simple ride home and be here by 2:30 became a long, weary evening...

So, there we are...other than the oppressive heat, we both did alright, I was fun watching the grandkids and watching our grown kids and their spouses interact, so it was worth it all...But, I am really glad we are home so I can wear my compression stocking and get the swelling down! Carl seems to feel some better, but I told him the heat didn't help his PD, either...Onward! Jane

By moonswife On 2014.09.21 23:23
Oh Jane, why when we plan for everything, and have a backup plan hiding in the wings does the curveball come and we still have a hurdle to jump. It just doesn't seem fair does it. I have a 43 year old son in denial. My 42 year old daughter told me I had been secretive about PD for years. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I HAVE DONE IT ALL TO KEEP THEM INFORMED. What triggered the comment today was a request for her to watch the interview Dr Grupta did with MJFox. I thought Fox did a good job of describing PD to the layman. Sorry your quick trip had such an unpredictably bad ending.

By jcoff012 On 2014.09.22 18:50
Just got the car...go figure...they blamed it all on the computer charge...better NOT be a charge the dumb thing isn't a year old til mid-November! lol

Carl had a very bad day yesterday, but seems much better today. He looks haggard and tired, but he is eating and sleeping better and is relaxing. I caught up the laundry and ironing, so all is well.

Off to make some tuna salad for dinner...Hope everyone is doing well...Hugs and love to all. Jane

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