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By dans316 On 2014.09.23 10:33
June's last LSVT voice session was yesterday. There is some improvement, but we were pretty lax on home exercises, so we will continue the exercises at home. She still has swallowing issues with thin liquids, hopefully avoiding the thin liquids will resolve the problem. Also using a thickener could help, although the thought of thick coffee doesn't seem all that great. The bad news is she continues to lose weight. She does wear dentures and her bottom denture is loose. Tried Polygrip, but not successful so she has a dental appointment tomorrow for possibly new dentures. As the therapist pointed out yesterday, that may not help, but we have to at least consult the dentist.

Then to top off everything, about 20 minutes after telling June she didn't have any appointments today, the phone rang and she has to go for a diagnostic mammogram. She had a screening mammogram last week so it's back to another appointment today. They did the same thing two years ago after the screening mammogram, so hopefully this will turn out OK again.

Another Luau this weekend two days before June's birthday. Since we can no longer travel to Hawaii, it's my birthday present to her:) We put on a Luau for our fellow Elks and pay for the food and decorations.

Me Ke Aloha,

By jcoff012 On 2014.09.23 13:32
Wish I could go to the luau with you and June!

Try not to worry about the mammogram, could be a lot of reasons for the callback...I had to have mammograms twice a year for the first five years after dx and was called back more often than not...was always a "shadow" or something on the reading..never anything...Hang in there.

Give June a hug and I am so glad you are always so optimistic with her care...(why we are good friends)...well, that and Hawaii! lol

Hugs to you both and make sure you come back to let us know your good results! Jane

By dans316 On 2014.09.25 21:35
As you pointed out Jane, it was just a poor image and there was no sign of cancer, so now back to the surgeon to get the final results. This will be the five year mark and also possibly the end of the yearly mammograms.

The trip to the dentist was long overdue and his recommendation was a complete set of dentures. He also pointed out that if there is still a problem of loose dentures, they can put in implants that are used to anchor the dentures. The issue of oral health care for PWP wasn't something I gave much thought to. Although I've read most of the posts in the forum, I don't remember many on the subject of oral health care for PWP.

This web site has some good information on Oral Health Care and how the swallowing mechanism works.

Fact sheet 2.4 relates to Oral Health Care


By jcoff012 On 2014.09.26 18:56
Dan, Carl's OCD has manifested in his daily oral care ritual...he is always brushing, flossing, etc...I would say, as many as six times a day...sometimes more! He says it is because of his braces, but it is something more...I think it is the Requip! lol...Could be a lot worse! hugs!

By moonswife On 2014.09.27 11:03
Dan, the Luau sounds fun. A tip.....with Mike's denture we went back to the old standby, powdered fixative. With the polygrip, if a little squeezed out, his PD pills got caught in it, especially that little b!@#$%d mirapex.

By Mary556 On 2014.09.30 07:07
Dan, thanks for that link to fact sheets at the Australian Parkinson's site. I found it helpful to read article 2.4 about oral health and hope to go back for the others soon. My PWP has drooling and poor lip closure. Looking for more information, I found some do-it-yourself exercises which could help to regain some swallowing ability:
If my Mom is agreeable, we may give these a try.

By dans316 On 2014.09.30 21:40

Read the info on lip exercises, I'll see if June will try them. Although her recent therapy dealt mostly with the LSVT program, she was given some exercises to strengthen the larynx and tongue. It's so hard to determine if the reason for low food intake is because of swallowing issues or possibly due to improperly fitting dentures or a combination of the two. PD does affect the muscles in the mouth and they do play a role in keeping dentures in place. Now they can put in implants to hold the dentures in place. One problem we didn't discuss with the dentist is June's osteoporosis which I'm afraid might be a problem for implants. The dentist did say that implants would only be used if she has a problem keeping new dentures in place. The speech therapist did warn me about getting our hopes up that dentures might be a magic solution but we are still hoping to avoid a feeding tube.


By Mary556 On 2014.10.01 07:06
Thanks again, Dan. I will look for larynx and tongue exercises as well. My Mom had a possible TIA (or two) in July/August... no damage, but she is having more difficulty to swallow her pills anymore.
I hope that your June may have some good answer soon and pray that she will not need the feeding tube. You are a wonderful husband and caregiver.
There is one challenge after another for our collective loved ones.
God bless all PWP's.

By Mary556 On 2014.10.01 07:33
maybe we'll try these, too:

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