For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Witsend On 2014.09.25 05:10
I moved my DH into the Memory Care facility yesterday. He is already walking with his walker after 6 weeks in a wheelchair, and is coherent and seems to love the place. When I brought him there yesterday, we were out on the grounds, and he said "You made a really great choice." He was so much worse in the nursing home, I am really surprised (in a very good way) by his progress. He really did hate it at the nursing home. All this time, I was thinking he was just upset because he couldn't be home with me. Maybe he has come to some kind of acceptance about not coming back home? He never asks to go home anymore. I can't figure it out, I just thank God for the good times!

By lurkingforacure On 2014.09.25 12:35
That is a lovely surprise, and I am so happy for both of you that he feels this way:)

By Mary556 On 2014.09.25 13:41
Witsend, how wonderful! so happy for you and your DH. God bless you both.

By jcoff012 On 2014.09.25 18:00
Be at peace now. How wonderful for you both. Hugs, Jane

By Daybyday On 2014.09.25 19:01
So glad to hear that bit of good news. Thank goodness. Still praying for you two.

By moonswife On 2014.09.25 21:18
Witsend, what a wonderful positive message today. My PD hubby and I supervised the care of his Father through his middle 90's and had the same thing happen. In one facility he was miserable, hostile and almost demented. He caught cold and went to the hospital. The bed he was in was not available so we found one that was. They turned him around. He was allowed to plant a garden, taught the youngsters (75 yr olds) how to whittle and started singing in their chorus. Not a PD forum post, but a facility issue post.

By bksquared On 2014.10.02 01:34
Where is the facility located.? I am looking for PD day care. My husband is mobile with some cognitive impairments. He has no friends. And most days I am his only human contact. Not healthy for either one of us. He needs stimulation and male companionship. We live in a rural area have yet to find a day care program. Was thinking of hiring him a companion. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

By carman96 On 2014.10.02 09:50
Witsend so glad he is doing well in the new facility. They are better trained in memory care so that is a plus right there.

By carman96 On 2014.10.02 09:54
Bksquared it is probably better to start a new thread when you have a few questions. That way it won't get lost in the old thread.

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