For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2014.10.01 22:40
Carl had another fantastic neuro visit this past Monday, two days ago. His appointment was at 10, he saw the fellow who works under Dr. Christine and went through the tests, answered questions, etc

Then, after discussing the extreme nausea with the fellow, she left and Dr. Christine came in...He had Carl again go through the tests *walking, hand movements, etc.* Then, as usual, he and Carl sat and talked about issues with meds, etc...

What I found interesting was how his attention lingered on Carl's facial expressions and movements...He was attentive and genuinely interested in Carl's daily life, including the problem with the nausea...He added Amantadine twice a day to see if that helped the increasing tremors and said it should help the morning nausea...

Then, he said something that made ME laugh..."Carl, you have yet to email me with updates...I want you to do that at least every other week until I see you again...I cannot be of greatest help to you unless I know how the meds are working." Carl said, "I don't use the computer much. It is hard for me to type using only my right hand..." To which Dr. Christine replied, "CARL, see this woman over here (me)? She is in this, too...Ask her to help. Don't be a MAN..." lololol

He winked at me and then focused on Carl's reaction...When Carl smiled, he said, "You know, when one spouse has PD, so does the other. You are in this together, so get over it and ask for help if you need it." lololol

He then answered more questions and told Carl he was a "model" patient and said that his attention to his LSVT and strength exercises are, and will, keep him healthier, longer, so keep it up!

The one last thing he said to both of us was the one which resonates even two days later...He said, "NO doctor has all the answers. Even *I* don't and I focus on all things PD. But, I do advocate the exercising of your body while you can...couple that with exercising your mind. The combination will keep you active and feeling well longer. That said, I can make you no promises, and I won't. I promise to help you all I can to live your life to the fullest as long as you are able....stay in touch on a regular basis. We are a, Jane, and me...and anyone else I think you need to see...Now, find a good restaurant, have a good lunch, and safe drive home. See you in January. You are amazing."

Phew..NICE man who LISTENS!!

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