For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Lynnie2 On 2014.10.07 09:55
My husband lost his license last year because the doctor thought it best he didn't drive. He also took a test at the Drive Able program at a hospital.
They test them for their skills, etc. He failed that but they said he could take the driving test, but he failed that too. It cost us over $500 and it wasn't covered by insurance.
He could take the test again, and another $500 dollars but it isn't worth it. It was very stressful for him in the first place and he hadn't been driving for 4 months before he took the test which didn't really help. He's always been a good driver and after he retired he even drove a transport truck on long trips, so you can imagine how he feels.
Now we have a truck and car and we just use the truck to pull a small utility trailer a couple of times a year, so we are going to trade them in for a new car and also get a hitch for it.
Yesterday he mentioned that he misses driving and I felt so sad for him.
He loves his truck and used to go for a drive by himself and could get groceries or the mail by himself.
Now I do all of the driving but thank goodness I am able to drive.
This will be the first new vehicle we will own that he won't be able to drive.
I know its better he doesn't drive in case something happens to him or another driver. He isn't the same with the slowness due to PD.
Anyway, just thought I'd share this with you.

By moonswife On 2014.10.07 11:20
Linnie, we are headed down this slope too. He has agreed that his fatigue level is greatest after 4 pm so he does not drive then and never more than 2 miles. He goes to the hardware store, ice cream stand, drive thru dairy for milk and to pick up a burrito for breakfast once in while. The Saturday morning donut run with four year old Alison has been interrupted by her soccer schedule. On a bright note he is thrilled he has two scooters now. One out door with balloon tires for the grass and a small indoor one that even goes into the handicapped bathroom. He asked me the other day if we could race each other around the block......I said no, we need a long straight track so I can get a Bondurant start.

By Lynnie2 On 2014.10.07 11:32
Thanks for your reply. It isn't easy sometimes, is it?
I mentioned that he could possibly get a scooter someday and he could ride up town from here. I said that you don't need a license. He said he isn't there yet, but maybe someday he will think about it. It would give him some freedom, I thought.

My husband also has fatigue and it's the greatest challenge as he doesn't have much energy.

By umajane On 2014.10.07 13:55
This sounds so similar. Since March we sold 2 motorcycles, a pick up truck our Airstream trailer and the Mini Cooper. I have an old car and want to replace it but my husband will want to drive it. I feel so sad because he CAN drive but should not because of cognitive issues. He passed his driving test but what if something ever happened. Cars, motorcycles, trucks have been his favorite what???
We did buy an RV this summer and I am driving it. It's very difficult but am not ready to give up everything yet. I am 75 and learning all kinds of new things. Also my husband tires so easily and what if he fell asleep driving. I get sleepy too but know to stop or get coffee.

By Lynnie2 On 2014.10.09 16:44
Hi Jane,
I know what you are going through.
We also have an RV but traded the 5th Wheel for a travel trailer which we keep in a seasonal park.
We used to pull the 5th wheel and I drove it but this was before he lost his license so back then he did most of the driving.
Is it possible for you to stay in a seasonal park? We live about 1 hour from the park so not too far away.
We enjoy going down by the river and watching the lake ships go by.
I know how you feel about his driving.
I got so I was quite nervous when he was driving and after a year of not driving I am glad he doesn't as I would be afraid if something happened.
My husband doesn't have a hobby either and it makes me sad the way things are happening.
Take care.

By Lynnie2 On 2014.10.10 09:39
Does your husband also take naps during the day? Mine has a nap after lunch and also falls asleep very easily in his recliner. Sometimes he doesn't sleep that well at night so I guess he is making up for lost sleep.

By umajane On 2014.10.10 12:34
Hi Lynn,
Our husbands sound so very similar. Oh yes my husband could nap anytime, anywhere but he loves his new recliner which also can lift him up if he needs it.
He was always the napping type. It is difficult because if he naps a lot during the day the night times can be difficult.
On the other hand I NEED to get a good sleep. I am not a napper. Part of the sleepiness I believe is due to boredom and not being engaged with something.
I am busy with projects, friends and family day and night. Two nights ago I went to sleep before him and that was awesome.
As far as RVing goes...we love to go to the beach and there is no permanent camping spot there. However someday we may fine storage closer to our beach camping and just drive there. Good luck with everything.....we live in Northern California and camping spots are hard to get.

By Lynnie2 On 2014.10.10 14:08
Hi Jane,
It is good to talk to someone with similar issues. I am also busy all day doing something, it seems.
I might join a Senior's group that play cards or Domino's, etc. one day a week and have lunch afterwards. I need to get away sometimes and I am sure he would like to be by himself too.
He did mention about going swimming at the pool this winter, so we'll have to get going after Thanksgiving.
I used to go to a support group for Parkinson's but my husband wasn't really interested. He went a couple of times and saw people worse than him and it made him feel worse and I eventually stopped going as I didn't feel good going by myself.
I live in Ontario Canada so we have lots of seasonal campgrounds and provincial parks where you can camp too.
Take care,

By Trusting On 2014.10.13 19:20
Hi Lynnie2,
We just went through this. My husband can't drive anymore and agreed to take the testing. Just for information sake, the VA will give this test free to veterans. He failed the test and is still hurting over it.
Two months ago we traded our second vehicle in for a new car. It took me (us) 6 months to make a decision on what to get. I loved the Sport Utility vehicles but their step into the vehicle seemed a little high. I kept thinking about the future. How would he make the high step in a few more years. Then we looked at a mini van, thinking he could get in and our of it easily but most vans don't have a luxury smooth ride. We ended up with a car and decided if I really need a truck or van I would just rent one. The hardest part of this process was knowing that this would be the first car that my husband wouldn't be able to drive. It was hard because this had always been his decision and he did the test driving, but not this time. He has actually done pretty good with it, but again, IT WAS HARD.
I try to drive him any place he wants to go, but I know it's not like just getting in a car and taking a drive by himself. Truthfully, I get tired of doing all the driving but I'm thankful I can do it. As I usually say, "one day at a time". Blessings!

By Lynnie2 On 2014.10.13 21:32
Hi Trusting,
It is so good to hear from someone who is going through the same thing, if you know what I mean and to know I am not alone.
We are looking at a Dodge Journey as our relative had one and my husband likes it and it's comfortable for him.
After we came back from the dealer and talking about things he was choking up a little and said he misses driving. This will also be the first one he hasn't test driven, like your husband. It's hard for them.
We would like a GPS and a hitch if possible and we want a certain colour if possible, but will have to see what is available.
I have been doing my homework as to the value of our vehicles and will try to deal when trading our vehicles. My husband has problems expressing himself as he looses words, so he's pretty quiet.
It's hard but thank goodness I drive or we would be in deep trouble.
Thanks for your reply and take care.

By jcoff012 On 2014.10.13 22:38
One thing, as a suggestion...When we bought our new car last year, the paperwork took far too long and Carl left his meds at our daughter's home...just ten miles away, but it might as well have been a thousand...

His tremors kicked into overdrive, he became embarassed, and it became far worse before we finished up...We got the car, but he said he would never schedule the paperwork signing for anything at the end of his cycle for his meds...Might keep this in mind...

I do have to say, this caused ME to be more careful about carrying some of each of his meds and making sure he had a place to relax should something cause a delay. He was fine after we left, got away from the tension, and more importantly, after he got his meds...

Please enjoy yourself and get a car that will be fun, as well as deserve it! Jane

By Lynnie2 On 2014.10.14 16:31
Well we are making a deal for a car but they just have to find the colour we want or else we'll have to order one.
They seem to give us a good deal and I was going to shop elsewhere but the dealership is in our town so we won't have to go very far for service.
We liked the salesman and he wasn't pushy.
I feel it's less stressful all around so we'll just have to wait and see what they find. Hopefully they find one so we won't have to order.

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